Some months ago, I happened to meet a potential client at a business networking event. A few minutes in the conversation with this client, she outlined the resourcing challenges that her team was encountering. They were seeking a digital full-stack team with dynamic capabilities to deliver enhanced and interactive experiences.

We discussed, how customer expectations from digital experiences become key differentiators.  These changing industry dynamics are shifting from traditional web management systems toward more innovative and sophisticated software solutions. Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a most recent category in the segment of enterprise software that can deliver on these changing expectations.

With DXP, businesses can leverage social media to interact with the target audience and remodel public opinion in their favour. As our engagement proceeded with this client, our DXP experts connected with the client’s team to understand their business needs.

Results delivered by DXP solution

Zensar recently implemented its DXP solution for a leading financial services company. Being a globally renowned financial service provider, with operations 24X7 across continents, the company struggled with inconsistent brand experience, which resulted in low customer engagement and high drop-off rates.

In our meeting with the client, they shared that they needed a full stack of digital tools – website, portals and interactive experiences, and resource assimilation to make it work in tandem. Basically, an Agile DevOps skilled team to support the process was the need of the hour.

Since it was a multi-national company with a dominant global presence, we thought of a ‘Glocal’ approach – a global appeal with local functionalities. Consequently, we built a single global digital experience platform where all or a combination of these elements could be used for different scenarios on a need basis. The business widgets can be reused in different ways for different products. Similarly, with the ability to generate content for each visit coupled with integrated analytics, we could bring in an element of personalization to the websites for different countries and markets without losing out on the element cohesion.

The stand-out feature was the plug-and-play functionality of this solution that allowed the users to build new microsites with the help of company’s business teams. This resulted in massive improvement in the time-to-market. We also deployed two distinct sets of scrum teams on the project – where one focused on delivering a robust DXP, and the other tried to develop components in sync with the basic structure of the DXP solution to facilitate easy migration and implementation to specific sites in different geographic locations.

The outcome

The DXP implementation helped the customer host multi-country, multilingual, and accessibility-enabled product/service specific sites and still deliver a consistent and unique brand experience to their customers.

It helped in improving the operational efficiency by 25-30% through decreased call-centre volumes, reduced costs for new campaign sites or microsites by 40% with the help of standardization, decreased bounce rate by 30%, reduced drop-offs by 25%, and increased omnichannel customer engagement by 100%.

How can DXP help your business?

The Zensar DXP solution is a digital experience platform that rests on hybrid decoupled architecture with pre-built presentation, technical components, and business widgets. Customized construction of sites that deliver flexibility and scalability, along with a microsite campaign that is dynamic in nature and designed to meet the predefined milestones of diverse businesses, can improve the GTM by 35%-40%. The intelligent cross-channel customer interactions using this platform can help reduce customer support team efforts by 30%. In addition to this, the real-time insights can be a game-changer for any business.

 With the successful implementation of this project at a global financial service provider we are now deploying this solution for other interested clients.

To know more about our DXP solution, leave a comment below for our experts.

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