Month: December 2019

Unique Connections between the Technology and Human Physiology

Unique Connections between Technology and Human Physiology

It does not take a keen mind to realize that the similarities that exist between the human brain and computer processing. This has been the case ever since the inception of computers and it is often posited by experts that the human...

/ December 30, 2019
Democratizing automation in today’s world

Democratizing automation in today’s world

Over the last few decades, the proliferation of robots has become a norm in the market. From auto-manufacturing to banking sector, robots have taken up a lot of tasks. IT has been on the forefront of this movement, with companies automating tasks...

Enterprise 4.0: The Digital proofing of Business

Enterprise 4.0 : The Digital Proofing of Business

As a new decade closes in on us, the science fiction of 1980 era is today becoming a reality with new “digitally connected, experience-centric, data enhanced products” being offered to digital consumers using crypto currencies based on blockchain based ledger systems. While...

/ December 24, 2019
Ushering in the Age of Voice in Retail

Ushering in the Age of Voice in Retail

Have you used a voice assistant on your mobile device or smart speakers to make an online search? According to a survey conducted by VoiceBot in January 2019, 84% of users have searched online at least once using smart speakers. The AI-based...

/ December 18, 2019

Accelerating omni-channel experience with Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Some months ago, I happened to meet a potential client at a business networking event. A few minutes in the conversation with this client, she outlined the resourcing challenges that her team was encountering. They were seeking a digital full-stack team with...

/ December 9, 2019

Augmented Reality in Hi-Tech: The Way Ahead

In a span of fewer than two years, we have seen some intensive growth in the realm of Augmented Reality (AR). Many companies have been experimenting with AR prototypes, complete with POC concepts resulting in innovative projects that show the future potential...

/ December 9, 2019
Leverage Salesforce for AI Edge in Your Business Operations

Salesforce Einstein- AI advantage in Business Operations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is migrating from the confines of research labs into our everyday lives at lightning-fast speeds. Even though its early applications remained limited, recent advancements made in the space of deep learning have bolstered the potential of AI to tackle...

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