If you are reading this, chances are that you are already gearing up for Oracle OpenWorld 2019. For the uninitiated, Oracle OpenWorld is an annual Oracle convention that takes place in San Francisco. This year, the agenda of the event includes over 1,000 planned sessions on topics such as transformational technologies, growth acceleration, intelligent cloud applications and more.

Like every year, we are set to showcase some of our flagship innovations at booth #431 from September 16-19, at Moscone Center, San Francisco. Here are some reasons why you must visit and connect with our expert team of innovators at Oracle OpenWorld 2019.

  1. Experience Innovation with Enterprise Intelligence and Smart ERPs

While enterprise intelligence has been paving way for innovation for quite some time now, we plan to showcase a ramped-up version of smart ERPs that are set to become the backbone of digital transformation. There is an urgent need to transform legacy frameworks into innovative systems. Features of the tool that you can witness in action include:

  • Holistic Connectivity: The ERP weaves together connected experiences for everyone.
  • Omni-Access: Easy-to-access system from any device.
  • Analytical Ability: Actionable insights and performance KPIs that help managers to make informed decisions.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Pre-built AI capabilities that predict, track, analyze, and report business operations and company resources.
  • Security and Data Privacy: All the required data storage policies to next-gen security and privacy.
  • Cloud Capabilities: Features for scalability, easy customization, speed of innovation and much more.

2. Learn everything about Cruise to Cloud Platform

End-to-end cloud computing is the go-to norm today for companies that are looking for a simple and centralized solution. Not only do they improve operational efficiencies, but they also bring down costs.

The Cruise to Cloud platform is Zensar’s breakthrough solution for Oracle ecosystem. It aptly handles functions such as:

  • Assessment: automated assessment of important parameters that drive an ERP system. This ensures smooth functioning and elimination of all bottlenecks!
  • Implementation: includes the required frameworks for automated data migration utility, setup replication tools among databases and automated testing
  • Migration: includes migration tools for EBS to handle all sorts of niche migration requirements.
  • Digital Innovation: includes digital capabilities such as chatbots, mobile apps, integrations, BPM and IoT solutions for round the clock innovation.
  • Support: dedicated support for all cloud-powered features, including subscription-based automation testing.

3. Upgrade to Cloud Adoption Program (iCAP)

Oracle OpenWorld 2019 will prove to be another milestone for Zensar as we will be unveiling and showcasing our intelligent iCAP. But, what is it exactly?

iCAP has been created to help users choose the ideal ERP platform according to an organization’s specific needs. It executes this via automated analysis of critical requirements and comparing multiple cloud options to generate high-end management reports. These give managers more visibility into processes and operations.

The usual results? The following numbers speak for themselves:

  • 40% reduction in the time required for assessment
  • 50% improvement of assessment report accuracy
  • 25% quicker implementation of the recommended solution
  • 32% reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership
  • 12% improvement in Operational Efficiency

4. Witness Digital Innovation Platform (iDIP) in action

Digital technologies are helping to make key changes in business environments. The end results are better services, elimination of traditional models and smoother processes. Technologies, however, have been far from connected at this front.

To handle such requirements, iDIP that will be able to:

  • Handle secure SaaS extensions and integrations
  • Process automation for IoT devices
  • Build custom apps to maximize engagement
  • Create custom AI-powered chatbots
  • Build superior integrations spanning multiple applications

Not only would this reduce the underlying IT costs, but it will also boost revenue with a range of 15-25% every year. It is only natural for any business to yearn for the creation of additional revenue streams. iDIP makes this more tangible than ever before.

5. Attend the Speaking Session

Simarjeet Singh Bhullar, Senior Practice Director, Zensar, will be delivering an informative session. You can catch him in action as he talks about how to use our Intelligent Cruise to Cloud Platform to accelerate business processes. Session details –

Title: Accelerate your EBS to Cloud with Zensar’s Intelligent Cruise to Cloud Platform

Speaker: Simarjeet Singh Bhullar, Senior Practice Director, Zensar

Time and Venue: Tuesday, September 17, 11:30 AM – 11:50 AM

The Exchange (Moscone South) – Theater 2

Migration is always deemed as a hassle and requires several different tools, experience and decision-making skills. Mr. Bhullar will explain where we can successfully intervene in such cases and reduce the turnaround time by 60% while improving accuracy by 80%.

  1. Mingle with other attendees and Enjoy the Show

Everything does not have to be business all the time. The corporate world also has a soft side to it, one that is often ignored. Events are supposed to be a merger of like-minded people from various backgrounds. You can use the opportunity to form some meaningful and first-hand connections. Face-to-face meetings tend to be more valuable and memorable than emails and calls.

So, don’t forget to enjoy the show!

Have you registered yet? Share your agenda for attending the Oracle OpenWorld 2019 in the comments section below.

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