Chatbots have truly become ubiquitous. According to Oracle research, about 80% of the companies are planning to use chatbots by 2020. And by 2022, banks will be able to automate 90% of their interactions with chatbots. Around the same time, chatbots are also expected to deliver cost savings of around $8 Billion every year in customer service efforts.

By eliminating redundant tasks around information access, chatbots could help in enabling employees to invest their time in more strategic aspects of their jobs. Chatbots are actively contributing to HR verticals like recruitment, performance management, employee engagement, and administration. Some additional of chatbots in HR include:

  • Saved time and increased efficiency
  • Quick and accurate responses
  • Easier employee onboarding
  • Transparent hiring processes
  • Focused sentiment analysis

All this and more functioned as a precursor for Zensar to intervene and deploy a befitting solution that bridges the gap between theory and execution. The result was the birth of ZenEva – a conversational chatbot.

ZenEva – Virtual Customer Assistant

ZenEva is a next-gen conversational chatbot that is powered by Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and intent capabilities of Oracle Digital Solutions. Delivered as a service, ZenEva empowers the collaboration efforts of employees and enables them to interact via various channels such as Slack and Facebook Messenger.











The idea is to provide a self-service portal to employees where they can initiate natural conversations around general FAQs and receive round the clock support.

How ZenEva Works

Based on the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) cloud service, the chatbot comes with a flexible architecture that is integrated with enterprise applications. By leveraging free-flow conversations, ZenEva can capture user inputs and reside as an intuitive web-widget. It is powered by four primary modules:

  • Channel Configurator: It includes SDKs and webhooks that help to connect with the target user.
  • Enterprise Data Integration: Drives connection with backend systems via relevant components.
  • Dialog Flow: Conversational arm of the chatbot that drives the flow of interactions.
  • Conversational AI Engine: Used to comprehend user inputs through NLP.









Apart from this, ZenEva can seamlessly integrate with both on-premise and cloud applications. All these modules work in perfect sync to pave way for various use cases, especially in the Retail and E-commerce space. These include:

  • Helping organizations achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction with real-time conversations.
  • Extending real-time offers, benefits, and personal shopping advice to customers.
  • Delivering live updates about in-store inventory status for purchase and pick-ups.
  • Facilitating easy and quick purchases through a simple and conversation driven channel.
  • Extending customer service across all leading channels including text, call, email, chat, website, app, call centre, and more.
  • Helping agents with the selling process and extracting the relevant documents for them.
Benefits of ZenEva

With the ability to smartly mimic human language and behavior to drive customer support and employee interactions, ZenEva helps businesses achieve outstanding results. The benefits of the bot include:

  • Platform agnostic infrastructure that renders it useful across all major channels of communication.
  • Personalized and value-driven shopping experiences as opposed to sales driven.
  • Omnichannel conversational experiences that enhances the brand image and feels more natural.
  • Higher revenues owing to more customer conversions due to round the clock support for employees.
  • Intuitive order tracking and details retrieving capabilities that boost customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time addressal to employee queries related to topics such as pay, benefits, expenses, and more.
  • Support automation and human resource optimization by up to 80%.

Conversational chatbots are pushing the limits of customer support and employee assistance, enabling companies to provide 24/7 support. This makes perfect sense in a mobile and technology-first digital world where new trends are ceaselessly sought after to function at scale. With the ability to cater to thousands of queries every second, ZenEva instinctively fits into the equation serving great benefits.

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