By now you would have realized and heard time and again from various sources that the future of jobs will primarily involve knowledge creation and innovation. Machines will be freeing you up from mundane tasks to explore, experiment and find interesting solutions to complex problems like climate change, renewable energy, earthquake forecasting, medical mentorship, organ / body part engineering and pollution. Freshers and associates with less than 5 years of experience today need to shift their focus on acquiring critical thinking skills, mental elasticity, inter-disciplinary knowledge etc. to leverage technology to solve such complex problems

Although a lot of the jobs that exist today will be automated by 2030, you should be excited about the future and not scared of it. A humble beginning is to leverage technology to your own advantage and build your own personal assistant to improve your efficiency while you can focus on acquiring new skills.

It’s simple and easy to build your own BOT and assign it your mundane repetitive activities. In doing so, you will not only help yourself and grow professionally but also assist the organization in many ways. But first you should try to find use cases in which you believe you wish to improve your efficiency upon. Bots can deliver more value to you than mere searching information for you.

If you are in a sales role, all your CRM tasks using SFDC can be fully automated releasing at least 30-40 percent of your bandwidth to focus on sales instead of filling in data. All your contact management, opportunity management, lead and quote cycle can be seamlessly automated. If you are a HR personal, recruitment activities like screening resumes, shortlisting candidates, interview management, calendar management, offer letter administration, on-boarding new hires, project allocation and report generation can be fully automated releasing your bandwidth to focus more on candidates and associates improving their experience instead of rushing to complete the conversation and spending time on routine activities.

If you are working in the CFO office and managing finance function, then it’s a sweet spot for robots to assist you. All Finance and Accounts functions and the end to end lifecycle can seamlessly be automated right from data consistency, reconciliation, peer-to-peer etc. If you wish to remain competitive and productive you should take advantage of effects brought in by bots like increased productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness, customer and employee satisfaction.

If you are playing the role of a delivery manager or program manager and are bogged down with loads of data, planning and reporting, then you need a personal assistant to ease your operational bandwidth and focus on customer experience, risk management and become more strategic in nature instead of spending time on operations. Project administration transactions readily lend themselves to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Opportunities also exist in project related master data maintenance, and project reporting. A project manager could ask a robotic assistant to query previous project data relating to project costs and variances to plan a future project in a better manner. An intelligent bot in the project manager’s team can multi-task and facilitate in control and administrative duties (e.g. opening hours in a calendar, team timesheet management, approvals, leave management, workflow management, reporting, tracking and analyzing variance etc.). Slowly as the bot gets trained and acquires more intelligence, it will be able to perform tasks relating to performance management, risk and audit. If you have good quality and clean data, don’t be surprised if the bot conducts the performance appraisals while you can focus on human experience and empathy in your appraisal discussions.

While these are few areas in an organization right from shared services to core project functions in which the bots can assist, the million-dollar question is what is the estimated cost of the bot and how do you start engaging in this activity. At Zensar, we are creating necessary infrastructure to leverage and provide you an opportunity to build your own bot. Secondly, there are various open source tools that can be utilized, and your fully functional bot can be built at a nominal cost.

Reach out to us if you are intrigued by the idea to build your own bot to supplement your efficiency. Leave your comments below.

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Rajesh Mohandas and Navneet Singh

Posted by Rajesh Mohandas and Navneet Singh

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