With customer becoming the focus of every organization, and the rest realigning to meet customer expectations, performance cannot be neglected. Every second reduced in response time, thus enhancing the performance of the application under test adds to the business. When the business dynamics are fast paced, and demands flawless, ever faster responses for the customers, performance cannot be weighed using old scales. Performance must be looked upon from an altogether new angle and performance testing must align to show the organization areas that have a scope for improvement.

Now let us discuss various aspects that need to be looked upon when we try to comprehend comprehensive performance testing and the tools that can help us achieve it.

Performance Testing Infographic


Data Centric Performance Testing

This performance testing is the methodology of testing the system under near real time like scenario, picking real time data and using every record, instead of testing a well constituted sample set of data. Existing performance testing tools in the market are highly limited in the capacity to handle real time dynamic data.

Object Based Performance Testing

To describe the complexity in testing Scenario Specific/Object Based performance testing, let us take the classic example of transactions happening on Amazon platform.

There could be hundreds of parallel login attempts and thousands searches done simultaneously by different users. While some customers would be checking out items, the others would be trying to reset the password simultaneously.

With parallel transactions happening for various workflows, a lot of orchestrations must be considered. Not any existing tool can cater to this depth of performance needs, and wrappers must be built to achieve this.

Real time Concurrency monitoring

When there is unprecedented amount of transactions happening in the real world, the maximum that is being tested today while trying to recreate such concurrent transactions is highly inadequate and none of the tools available in the market are quite capable of attaining the same. Even during execution when concurrency is set to a number, it is not achieved in most cases and the reports are generated mentioning the maximum concurrency achieved. Hence, a tool that can auto-tune and ensure that the set concurrent target is achieved to run tests must be a winner in the market.

Network & Localization Simulation

Any tool that can cater to complex network and localization needs for cross device, platform combination, with cloud support must be an ideal candidate worth talking of to cater to the next generation performance testing needs.

Rich BI & Reporting Support

Performance testing boils down to its ability to give insights. Some of the features of the analytic-driven insightful reporting are:

  • Ability to identify Outliers
  • Baseline comparison
  • Pin point pain areas
  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Comprehensive performance metrics right form UI to middle layer to network and Server performance
  • Quick turnaround for Root cause & Results analysis

Along with above state feature some other important features good to have are:

  • Seamless CI integrations.
  • Auto scheduling
  • Auto Scaling.
  • Auto alerts (email/SMS support)
  • Pre and post data clean up jobs.
  • Advanced data analytics-based reporting.
  • AI/ML based forecasting mechanisms to predict potential threats, performance bottlenecks, pain points.
  • Self-healing scripts support.
  • In CI/CD world along with changing code, Performance testing scripts must be maintained with little turn around time in par with Sprints.

But no single tool in the market currently caters to this plethora of new demands at this stage. Nevertheless, achieving what is talked of above is not an impossible task.Stay tuned and watch out for Zensar’s offerings` in this space.

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