Money is the most essential element beside air, water and food. And the source of money is EMPLOYMENT. Whether one is self-employed or employed for someone else, one of the major concerns for the future is “Will Smart Machines and Robotics reduce human employment?”.

The world is changing at a very fast pace and so are technologies and the way of working. Smart Machines and Robotics are those inventions that were made as per the changing needs.

Talking about past inventions, be it be cars, washing machines, boring machines, photo copy machines or weaving machines, all these inventions were criticized in the past for taking away current jobs. But as there are two sides of every coin there will always be an opposition for every argument.

To clarify this confusion let’s focus on some of those inventions one by one.

Starting from the most commonly used past invention i.e. vehicles. In the past people feared that cart drivers will lose their jobs with the advent of modern vehicles like cars and buses. However, this short-term issue was resolved when drivers secured jobs to operate and drive those vehicles.

Let’s take the example of another big invention i.e. washing machine. Yes, I do agree that the jobs of washer men were threatened by this invention but we need to consider the other side as well, that brought in a lot of jobs for people. These were of course not the jobs of washing clothes but building different manufacturing and assembling parts for the “machine which smuggled employment”.

Same is the case with the boring well machine, the photocopy machine or any other machine.

Building any kind of Smart Machines and Robotics needs a lot of effort whether it’s coding, logical problem solving, building machine designs or manufacturing and assembling parts.

These activities involve a wide range of people with varying levels of illiteracy. Historically it’s not the quanta of jobs that have been affected by technological advancement but the type of employment which has evolved.

The world is changing and so is the technology. All we require is upgradation as per the requirement. Jobs are still on the way, but people will need to step up and grab them

I’d like to sign off with the “Survival of the Fittest” theory by Charles Darwin. One does not need to fear unemployment on account of evolution of smart machines and robotics but get upgraded to fall in line as per the current technological requirement.

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Posted by Ritika Raj

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