History tells us that humans have always relied heavily on intuition and in the process, have made some of the most devastating and drastic mistakes. Whether it was inventing the hydrogen bomb or creating polyethylene (commonly known as plastic). These was a result of intuition that mankind needed something like this to exist. My take on this is that if we had relied on analytics, perhaps we would have realized that we never needed these in the first place. Since we have created the problems, we are now in the need of finding solutions and hence jute bags and other disposable items are replacing plastics. And also, numerous treaties are being signed by various countries to get rid of the deadly bombs.

Big Data AnalyticsBig data and other analytics tools empower people to ask unusual questions that provide insight in fascinating, off-beat, or creative ways to solve the most complex problems. Data analytics keeps trumping intuition in all walks of our daily lives.

It was the data analytics which informed mankind of the growing problem of CO2 emission from fossil fuels and that we need to find an alternative source of renewable energy for our vehicles. Hence the output is battery enabled cars which will replace all the existing cars which run on fossil fuel in the near future. Germany has already passed a resolution to ban all of its existing fossil fuel driven cars and to adopt battery enabled ones by end of the year 2030. Again, there was no intuition here.Data AnalyticsWhenever there is a need of a new product to be launched, companies rely heavily on the data analytics to figure out the exact type of product needed by consumers which helps them create more revenue. There is no intuition involved and more often than not, these products become instant success in the market. The self-driven cars are a prime example of data analytics resulting into a fabulous product. And people are already excited to get one for themselves.

When Amazon found out that in order to generate more revenue, it had to create a more feasible and quicker way to deliver the orders in time, it came up with the state of the art, new delivery system using drones. This is a revolutionary result of data analytics which has catapulted Amazon into the elite e-commerce business transformation company.

IT industry has been the most benefited sector from analytics. All the repetitive and not so appealing work has been now taken over by smart bots which ensure quality and timeous delivery of projects. Zensar has been a pioneer in this field and it has taken Zensar leaps and bounds ahead of the other competitors. Thanks to the digital transformation via Analytics. Again, no intuition here!

Intuitive decision makingIntuitive decision making is not necessarily bad but risky. It may lead organizations/individuals to bad decision making. Any decision which is backed by data analytics seldom fails. Let’s take a small example here – If I want to buy a new Air conditioner for my bedroom, I will not straightaway go and buy any random one from the market. I will carefully decide my data points viz. budget, electricity bill, smart features, etc. And also, I will seek feedback on various products. This will, more often than not, lead me to the best choice. Here again we see that there is no intuition involved. On the other hand, if I followed my gut feeling and bought any AC, I might have made a bad choice.

In a nutshell, intuition for me is an impulsive way of thinking and decision making. I would always prefer decisions backed by analytics.

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Posted by Rahul Kumar

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