This is a time of Digital Innovation. Most organizations are changing their way of working. We at Zensar believe if organizations truly want to benefit from what Digital has to offer, a cultural revolution is needed which means business leaders must empower their staff with maximum digital understanding and capabilities.

Digital innovation is transforming many aspects of the workplace, from the type of work done, to how work is organized along with the workplace itself. Business leaders will need to enable their executives to take part in decision making and allow their staff to shape their work in a more entrepreneurial way.

Employees today in any organization have varied expectations from their workplace and want to work in a flexible way. However, that does not mean we should discard the disciplines of working and running a business. We should also consider the fact that digital innovation is improving the facets of any business.

A combination of algorithms, machine learning, automation and digital platforms is casting a great impact on how human talent is viewed. We have leaders who are flexible and enthusiastic enough to adapt to new technologies with flexible ways of working. This reinforces the reasoning that you cannot adopt an independent way of working without the impact of new technologies.

So what is Digital Transformation?

The world is gradually shifting towards digitalization and interactive experiences and we understand the challenge this brings. With fast developing technologies and rapidly changing consumer preferences, most organizations internally struggle to meet the challenges of becoming a digital enterprise and be a part of this perpetually connected digital world.

Zensar is here to help – we have extensive experience in developing hi-tech digital solutions for organizations globally; and for rapid prototyping and production aiming to reduce time to develop new products and go to market.

Challenges to CXOs in the Digital World

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Satish Sinha

Posted by Satish Sinha

Satish is AVP and Global Head of Digital Workplace Services in Zensar. A multi-faceted and seasoned leader with 20 years of extensive IT experience in heading and supporting large and complex project deliveries, He is currently responsible for driving growth of digital workplace service globally.

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