In today’s world, CXOs, business stakeholders and IT leaders’ priorities (and most importantly their perspective about IT services for end user communities) are witnessing a dramatic change. CXOs and IT leaders are now more focused on business results, including a highly engaged and productive workforce, rather than looking at the technology enablement alone.

The biggest change Zensar sees with our customers globally is a radical shift in mindset to see IT support services from the end user lens with measurable outcomes aligned to business, IT and end users – an outside-in view. Zensar’s Digital Infrastructure services are designed to meet these needs and have delivered improved user productivity, lower workplace operation cost and faster resolution of end user issues.

An ‘outside-in’ view enables customers to see their employee experience, productivity and engagement levels in real time irrespective of how well the back-end IT operation is performing in isolation. Zensar’s ‘business aware, user aware, change aware’ solution is uniquely positioned to help clients transform their ‘inside-out’ operations to ‘outside-in’ IT support truly from the lens of the end user.

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Zensar’s ‘Outside-in’ Solution Model

Digital Infrastructure transformation (outside-in) is a two step journey to transform an enterprise from an ‘IT led model’ into a ‘Business led model.’ The Business led model’s core focus is to capture and analyze customer experience, user productivity, employee engagement and business impact. Then, the focus would be to tie that up with IT support services and investments such as Service Desk, End User Support, Data Center, Application and Cloud Support services.

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