Here’s what our ZenIntern, Shubham Choudhary, who interned with the Marketing team, had to say about his internship experience in Zensar, Pune:

My experience:

I am working on an account based marketing research project. It requires an extensive research and strategy planning for the top key accounts of the company. Within a week of my work here, I was given another project on digital marketing seeing my interest in the field. That very fact told me about the kind of flexibility and freedom I was going to get at work.

Some things that I loved at work are:

  1. The Independence: Having been a part of the IT world before, I know that it is very difficult for employees at relatively lower positions to do what they want without going through several approvals and positions. Here, despite being an intern, I am given the authority to do things the way I want.
  2. Innovation: The company is going through some major changes, and everything is becoming digital. The fact that so much information can be gained and so much can be done through the different Zensar apps is a very big plus for any employee.
  3. Approachability: While in many companies, people find it difficult to get in touch with their guides regularly, here everyone, despite what positions they hold, is very approachable. The fact that you can simply walk in the CCO or CMO’s cabin to have a conversation, or get a reply directly from the CEO for your queries speaks volumes about a company’s work environment.
  4. The Informal Environment: Suits are awesome, no doubt, but you know what’s more awesome? Light sabers! In the marketing department, you could have meetings sitting on bean bags, discuss everything from the latest Zensar Digicast to the performance of Baahubali 2, put up the most random ideas and see them shape up, and the work will still be done just as efficiently.
  5. The Focus on Key Strengths: One of the biggest advantages of working here is the fact that my key strengths and skills were considered when fitting me in a project, and it wasn’t the other way around. The team is so closely knit that no matter who is working on what project, everybody who knows even a bit about it can pitch in anytime and their input will always be appreciated.
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Posted by Shubham Choudhary

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