Indians have been dominating the technology market in the world, world’s biggest companies have INDIAN minds as their CEO’s.

I can go on and on with the statistics of Indian succeeding in different sector around the world. But that’s not the point here

I just thought if INDIANs can rock in foreign countries then why not in our own country INDIA. And the thoughts started popping up in my mind to drag it towards a conclusion that, Yes INDIA can also have a Silicon Valley. Actually many of us might have already started thinking that we have Bangalore which is an emerging as Silicon Valley. But are we really ready for that tag yet?

Indian Americans are powerful business source in the US business scene and particularly in technology. But they are often praised for their entrepreneurial flair.  Middle class INDIAN’s have always chased job security and something that guarantees monthly salary. Silicon Valley brought a massive change to that mindset. They are no longer afraid to fail and they are willing to take risks. Indians today dominate Silicon Valley’s immigrant startup scene. And one part of that success comes from the strong network that’s developed.

Most of the investors in olden days would look at somebody who came from INDIA and say who are these funny looking people with funny accents and why would they have the skills to become an entrepreneur BUT now if you don’t have a funny looking person with a funny accent in your company they won’t fund you.  As per the study, efforts are being made in US to bring the promising companies in INDIA to the US market. Many believe this could be a game changer, as these companies could bring innovation’s for the masses and not just for the privileged few.

Well my point here is if US has already recognized the potential of INDIAN minds then why not we just go for the kill in INDIAN market itself. I understand we already have few major startups like Flipkart, Ola to brag about. But just think in a population of 120 crores only few handful companies to brag about in world market. Not a fair deal for me.

On the other hand, many of the emerging startups (ZipDial by Twitter, TupleJump by Apple) etc. have been acquired by global companies, this mentality is restricting the potential grand startups to grow and compete with the biggies in the business.

Well to conclude I firmly believe that for INDIA to emerge as a startup breeding center, we have to leave the mentality of getting acquired by future competitors for short term benefits. We have to be willing to take more risks and leave the fear of failure far behind.

We have the potential; we have the all the n number of things to have multiple Silicon Valleys in INDIA. The only thing we lack is a structured plan to achieve this goal and willingness to take ultimate risks. This also includes infrastructure support and simplification of process for ease of doing business in INDIA.

So the thought that is left in my mind is that, can we have a number of silicon valley’s in INDIA? How soon?

“Every Problem Has a Solution, You Just Have to be Smart enough to Find IT”

                                                                                      -Travis Kalanick

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Posted by Shailendra Thakur

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