To every action of humans, attached is one essential emotion called anticipation, that is when subconsciously we tend to assume in advance the possibility of making it happen or not.

So in difficult times, we tend to overly prepare ourselves in anticipation that all the preparation and planning will help us in dealing with the situation well.

But what is happening with businesses today is completely different. As per Forbes, 80% of start-ups fail within the first 18 months. So why does this anticipation fail? What is it that enterprises are lacking when it comes to making business plans?

In businesses the planning and execution typically looks like

Businesses Planning and Execution

Businesses Planning and Execution

Very rarely, do businesses engage themselves in methodical anticipation of reaching the goals before finalizing them, and that is often the major reason to failures.

Enterprises today, are sitting on huge piles of data and are not sure on how best to use it to extract business value from it. Zensar has a unique big data platform called ZenAnalytica, with anticipatory capabilities – through which we are helping one of our customers identify driving the behavior of people, and highlighting the ones that are more prone to result in mishaps while driving. This enables the business in designing their personalized insurance premium plans, and also aids in reducing claims cost on their client’s part by preemptively advising drivers on improvements in their driving behavior.

Anticipation has matured into a methodical approach to predicting business outcomes with high accuracy and thus helping in decisions and choices and pursuits and in making winning business strategies.

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Posted by Shaily Bhati

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