Month: April 2017

Choosing the Ideal Cloud Vendor

Choosing the Ideal Cloud Vendor – What’s Best for You!

Today, as businesses and big IT giants are in transition from their traditional data-centers to the cloud, making the choice of the right cloud provider is a tough decision. Gaining the trust of the customers is of utmost importance to any vendor....

/ April 27, 2017

Blockchain: Creating New Platforms

When was the last time we booked a travel ticket or a hotel room through an agent? How many people are waiting for the newspaper to know about the real world happenings? The Web destroyed many of the old intermediaries like travel...

/ April 12, 2017

Are you anticipating it the correct way? Methodically?

To every action of humans, attached is one essential emotion called anticipation, that is when subconsciously we tend to assume in advance the possibility of making it happen or not. So in difficult times, we tend to overly prepare ourselves in anticipation...

/ April 4, 2017
How Students taught me about Hope

How Students Taught Me About Hope

The Zensar Foundation bus stops just inside the gates of Udaan and as we step off the bus, we are greeted by Dipti, the school’s primary teacher, and a small gathering of smiling students, who present us with a bouquet of paper...

/ April 3, 2017
Lean thinking principles_Cloud

Lean Thinking Principles for Cloud Software Development

Cloud computing has become a global trend in the IT industry. Many businesses and organizations are moving to the Cloud, however, it depends upon the capacity of the organizations to realize the maximum benefits from the Cloud which include integration of new...

/ April 3, 2017
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