Month: March 2017

B2B Digital Commerce

Rethinking B2B Digital Commerce Investment Strategies

B2B, Distribution or CPG, call it what you may, is perhaps the least dynamic-looking industry of all of them out there. Although B2B accounts for over 80% of commerce transactions worldwide, it still is seen as just a provider to the more...

/ March 21, 2017
Blockchain - Healthcare+insurance

Understanding Blockchain – For Healthcare and Insurance

Blockchain is a new buzz word in the technology world and every domain is trying to leverage it to bring worldwide interoperability, efficiency and transparency. Blockchain is offering a promising new distributed framework to intensify and support integration of health care and...

/ March 7, 2017
Big Data_Causing Change

Big Data – Causing a lot of Change

The Guardian recently came down heavily on Big Data and the negative impact it may cause to democracy.  Do you really wonder why? A lesser known company, Cambridge Analytica, suddenly became one of the most talked about companies – not only in...

/ March 7, 2017
Jobs in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Jobs in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is pervasive. Predictions of robots replacing human workers and rampant job loss are in the news every day. Is AI mired in controversy? If artificial intelligence is really a sleeping giant, why rattle its cage? Why not leave well enough...

/ March 6, 2017
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