It has truly been a while since the birth of third party maintenance (TPM) changed the way OEM maintenance services were delivered. TPMs were originally considered the ‘outsiders, independents, consultants,’ and were even initially viewed as somewhat lacking in the ways of handling traditional OEM support. Now 30 years later, the TPM industry has grown into a Gartner-recognized global industry phenomenon.

However, the methodologies for delivering TPM support have basically stayed the same with little technology advancement. The traditional TPM model dictated that a ticket was opened, triage is performed, parts are delivered, and a field engineer (FE) may be dispatched to install the parts. While advancements have been made in terms of service experience with proactive monitoring and online Web portals, the disconnected back-end software subsystems and processes used for phones, ticket management, monitoring, asset entitlement, logistics planning, ordering, shipping, and even onsite FE personnel management have all remained. These disconnected subsystems and processes have not kept pace with the way modern IT technologists interact and work in today’s data center environment.

We live in a digital world and we work in a digital way. When a support alert occurs, we need to respond quickly. The amount of time spent on the phone, waiting for callbacks, or logging into a web portal to open a case directly affects your company’s overall Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). This traditional TPM model has always been a difficult challenge to overcome.

Zensar decided that it was high time to take up this challenge by directly targeting the way a modern IT technologist works today – fully Digital. Zensar has successfully integrated all aspects of the traditional TPM support model and bundled them into a unique, fully integrated Zensar eSupport Mobile Application. Now you can manage all your assets, view contract terms, manage cases, submit requests, and receive event notifications all directly from your smartphone. More importantly, you can do this while directly standing in front of your equipment, or sitting at a coffee shop having a cup of morning joe. Going further, several key enhancements such as a barcode scanner for instant case opens, and an image upload feature, were also added to ensure that Zensar can see what you see.

The revolutionary Zensar eSupport Mobile application was developed to work the way you want to work, without delays in expediting support. You want it fixed as fast as possible and the Zensar eSupport Mobile application delivers upon those expectations.

Check out the Press Release and find out more.

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Posted by Patrick Bourke

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