This year’s Oracle OpenWorld focused heavily on promoting Oracle’s position on the Cloud. Oracle looks to be squarely focused on gaining share from AWS and there appeared to be little mention of Azure at the show. Outside of the formal presentations showcasing Oracle Cloud growth and Oracle Enterprise Clients, there seemed to be a general sentiment on the show floor which questioned whether Oracle could make serious inroads. One would think with the forecasted growth in the Cloud market, their leverage in database solutions, and their strategic focus in other areas which companies question about Cloud and AWS (i.e., Security), that the opportunity is there for Oracle, however, it may take time given that their sales teams have to make the shift from selling products to selling Cloud.

At Zensar, we have a long history with Oracle as an authorized platinum partner and we are committed to providing enterprises with the best fitting Hybrid IT services and integrated platforms. I presented a session at Oracle OpenWorld on how we provide enterprises with the ability to leverage multi-cloud environments by integrating various Cloud provisioning, monitoring, ticketing and management tools, to automate and orchestrate their ITSM via a single pane of glass. At Zensar we fundamentally believe that most clients will require this type of functionality, as shown by the example of an Oracle Sales Executive who witnessed the presentation and shared how he is faced with clients asking for this functionality. He cited the instance of one client who had Oracle BI in an Azure Cloud and other applications with AWS, and he asked how they could manage all of this without relying on heavily manual and ‘swivelchair’ activities, which simply would not scale.

From my vantage point, keep a watch on Oracle as it proceeds on the Cloud and reach out to Zensar if you need Hybrid IT/Cloud management.

Author: David Eichorn, Zensar AVP, Global Practice Head Unified IT Management

Twitter: @davideichorn

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Posted by David Eichorn

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