Our love for engrossing stories is ageless, and if you put it in another way, great stories are enjoyed by all irrespective of their age. Be it around a campfire, around the dinner table or just over the phone with a friend, compelling stories never fail to captivate us.

“The challenge is in figuring out how to share that story in a way that aligns with the needs and priorities of prospects and customers. But, it’s not just sharing the story. It’s about making the story so compelling that it elevates perceptions of value and urgency resulting in more qualified leads and faster purchasing momentum.”

– Ardath Albee

Brands engaging in digital storytelling are aware of the fact that their identity, personality and image are built on the stories they tell their customers, and hence, there is no way in which they can afford to muddle with the message. Through the ages, storytelling has undoubtedly garnered maximum attention amid all ongoing media/digital activities.

How do you know that you possess a great story to tell your digital audience?

An interesting story always comes with a soul of its own, which effortlessly connects with the audience. Keeping this in mind, we can point out the aspects that define a good story for an impeccable digital marketing campaign.

Every brand has a human side…ensure that your story reflects it well.

People connect with people and a brand becomes meaningless if it fails to resonate with the audience. The success of a marketer depends on how efficaciously the brand bonds with the story that it conveys and connects with the customers.

Every story comes with a clear-cut brand message that has to strike a note with the audience.

Ensure that your story reinforce your brand’s message and the values the brand stands for. Also, the message in the brand-story should have consistency across all digital content represented on the website, social media platforms, videos, etc.

When it comes to digital storytelling, the successful ones are always remembered.

Very few stories make a mark, as they create a lasting emotional connection with the audience wherein the latter can identify with the characters of the story, their problems and can adopt the solutions suggested in the story.

Ultimately a great story is an optimal combination of three factors – creativity, emotion and realism.

At Zensar we believe in telling beautiful digital stories that revolve around our success and expertise in dealing with innovative technologies, top-notch tools, progressive strategies and excellent resources. Storytelling (digital or not) is a social phenomenon and the only way to measure its success is to track the audiences’ response and action around it.

Let not the awesomeness of our digital story go in vain! Please share this blog with the right audience to spread the right message.

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Posted by Sonali Datta

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