Smart collaboration is the lifeblood of innovation for every business and it is the activity most transformed by cloud. Before the cloud, implementation of systems for communication and collaboration between departments would have had the choice of fragmented applications from separate vendors, or products that did not meet scalability, reliability, manageability, and security needs.

Today, the cloud integrates unstructured content, workspaces, and discussion boards into enterprise business processes and ensures the ability to quickly arrange meetings, share documents, implement smooth workflows, and utilize project management. The cloud is revolutionizing collaboration, and it can impact your business for the better.

The Cloud Introduced Real Sharing

The workflow of the past was inefficient and highly deterministic. The cloud has enabled efficiency and scalability in accessing, sharing, and collaborating on documents between employees, consultants and customers. Part of the requirement of modern collaboration is to have 24/7 access to business-critical information to stay competitive and the cloud is key to making it happen.

Oracle Document Services enables content collaboration instances, and also safeguards sensitive client content while providing superior version management, content segregation, and document accuracy.

Cloud Services Drive Collaboration

Cloud solutions like the Oracle Documents Cloud Service are also driving enterprise collaboration forward by not only allowing improved teamwork through document sharing across devices, but also ensuring compliance with FINRA, HIPPA and other regulations. For industries such as healthcare, finance and government this means they easily overcome regulatory hurdles to take also full advantage of cloud collaboration.

The pay-as-you-go model of many cloud applications and services means the costly infrastructure required for collaboration in the past are no longer necessary, helping companies save money on collaboration tools.

The Cloud Automates And Accelerates Collaboration

The cloud can also be used to automate much of the collaboration process, including design and implementation. That means forms, decisions, monitoring and workflows are often built-in, freeing up teams to focus their energy on the tasks that truly create value for a company. The Oracle Process Cloud Service is a great example of this technology, and opens up many new creative possibilities.

Oracle is meeting modern business requirements with the Oracle Collaboration Suite for secure and reliable communications. To create an integrated business environment, Oracle Collaboration Suite includes a robust set of Web services and SDKs. Developers can use these tools to enhance the functionality of an existing business to support the integration of additional collaboration functionality into the context of a business process, workflow, or technical application.

Moving Forward with the Cloud

Zensar is a leading Oracle partner and technology services provider. The Zensar team has the expertise necessary to help your organization operate more efficiently in the cloud. Zensar performs Cloud Migration Assessments to assist organizations in developing a cloud adoption roadmap that drives collaboration and productivity forward.


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