Why strengths of a large established manufacturing firm can also define its limitations

Clayton M. Christensen in his award winning book ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail’ pointed out two key finding that are today more pertinent to large manufacturing enterprises than ever before. First, sustaining technologies are very different from disruptive technologies, and decision makers faced with the latter, fail their companies when they allow the lethargic organizational forces to resist the change. Secondly, cultures and structures of companies color the choices of investments they make. Decades old ‘established’ manufacturing firms with deep rooted out-of-date practices, processes and tools may wait too long to invest or adapt to new technologies eventually losing the competitive advantage to new entrants.

A Digital partner in the age of industrial internet is a driver for survival and growth

Nothing more relevant can be articulated than above in the context of disruption of Industrial IoT, automation and engineering analytics on the manufacturing industry to bring about a paradigm shift. These factors along with global economic uncertainties, growing eastern markets and efforts to revive American manufacturing, makes global and collaborated digital technology services as the central force to drive the organization survival and growth. Let’s discover some instances of how a digital partner can enable large organizations to adapt, acclimate and monetize new technology applications to create immense business value.  

Smart Manufacturing is the game-changing proposition and you need partners to get there

Smart manufacturing marries information, technology and human ingenuity to fundamentally change the way products are developed, manufactured, shipped and sold. It is essentially based on integrating all manufacturing data throughout plants and across enterprise systems, to achieve the IT-OT convergence. On top of that are the advanced analytics and process innovation solutions applied for gaining the vital operational insights. The new visible, integrated and automated manufacturing, like that of Siemens Electronics facility in Germany, has proven to significantly increase machine, labor and energy efficiency and boost reliability and traceability. A digital partner offering end-to-end solution integration, process digitization and MES-PLM-ERP integration can help you achieve higher yields and shorter lead times on your manufacturing efforts.

Don’t leave money on the table: How advanced analytics solutions can monetize your data

Michael Palmer, American physician and author, famously said that ‘Data is the New Oil’. Even though the quote is almost a decade old, enterprises are still contemplating the best possible utilization of the ‘crude’ data. Forward thinking companies like General Electric are leveraging data generated for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for feedback integrated product development, increasing equipment uptimes and reducing maintenance costs. However, most manufacturing firms are assessing the various monetization models and are considering its implementation at large scale.

Advanced analytics services can help you collect and harmonize terabytes of unstructured real-time data, apply statistical algorithms and tools to it and run it through customized solutions. This can generate actionable business intelligence across product development, equipment maintenance, supply chain operations and manufacturing processes creating immense value which most organization traditionally have let go.

Zensar as your digital manufacturing transformation partner

At Zensar, with over half of our revenues coming from the manufacturing industry, we are committed and continuously investing and innovating to provide the best-in-class digital solutions to our manufacturing customer. Our solutions across Digital factory, Smart factory enablement, lean warehousing, analytics Intellizen, traceability and risk management are designed to craft a unified, integrated, collaborative and yet, agile manufacturing system. For more information on our manufacturing solutions do visit our website or our public app available on apple and android app store.

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