One among us loves Java, another Sales Force, the third Cloud, yet another wants to work only on DotNet. Again each of us has our favourites in the SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle), be it Development or maybe Support or Testing. However as the old adage goes, ‘Change is the only constant’! This applies to all eras, from the Stone Age to the Digital Age. The real test then is to keep evolving, playing different roles, taking up new challenges and learning from each of them.

To talk about myself, I started out working in Sharepoint Development and was convinced I always want to work in Sharepoint and in Development as I had enjoyed what I learnt there. Development means designing, seeing your work reflected as something tangible which is very rewarding. However since IT is a changing world, I suddenly found myself in Oracle Apps and in a support environment! Now those who have been in the programming side will agree that Support is a big change and takes some getting used to!!

For a while I kept debating and doubting, but gradually realized through experience and good advice from seniors that there is something to learn from everything. Support exposes one directly to the client who could be located anywhere in the world, which is a huge learning experience. It also teaches one to work with policies and processes and an overall view of how the business works, not just a small portion of it.

When I finally got comfortable here, it was time to switch gears again, this time to Business Analysis! Again the period of doubt!! So many questions: like what is Business Analysis exactly? How would this fit in with anything I have done previously? Would it help in shaping my career?? And by and by, again I found that there are so many exciting challenges and it is so rewarding just like all other roles!

If one has any questions along the way as to where our skills sets are being utilized if our role keeps changing, the answer to this question lies with you! You need to bring in your knowledge from various experiences to your work which could be your USP. In Business Analysis for example, we need a healthy mix of good coding skills, good presentation skills, good communication skills, quick learning, problem solving and analytical skills. There is something in any new role for everyone.

So go grab the new learning opportunities that come your way, it may be scary but it will be worth it! No one is great at their work initially, especially something out of our comfort zone, but that comes with experience and of course honing our skills if needed. And remember at any time, you can rely on that one constant in the ever changing digital world to help you out: Change!!

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Posted by Sadaf Siddiqui

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