Oracle Fusion Applications, I know many of you aware of it and to add that I would like share my personal experience from last 6-7 years.

Well this story has started in year 2010, when Oracle Corporation has invited its partners to come to its campus and test fusion applications which were in its early phase of design and development. At that time I was working on EBS R11, mainly on Purchasing and Inventory. We were really excited about this assignment as only few of us got this chance. And major part of this excitement was to go Oracle corporation for six months :).

I think its natural thing like if you are using one product and you got a chance to use next version of it, your mind will surely start comparing the both and same thing happened with us. After few days of functional testing we automatically started comparing fusion applications with EBS. We found many things entirely new, like DOO (Distributed Order Orchestration) which was new module itself, responsibility based access replaced by role based access, operating unit changed to business unit, BOM is called as structure, in built dashboards, navigator etc. The look and feel of fusion apps was way ahead, and suddenly I started feeling like EBS R11 is so old fashioned ?

It was a huge team working fast enough to develop these next gen applications. The product Beta versions were getting released in every month and sometimes within every 15-20 days with changes, fixed bugs. It was really a good experience to work on an application which was getting developed from scratch.

That period was like ERP meant only on premise applications. Actually onpremise word for an ERP application didn’t exist at that point of time, as I think it was the only option/method available and fusion applications belonged to the same category. That assignment completed and we were waiting for fusion apps to get released in market, and soon got a chance to implement it too.

It was Oracle Fusion Apps Rel 5. Though I had participated during initial testing phase, still within these couple of years many things changed. I came across new entities which I wasn’t able to access previously related to application setup, like architecture of FSM, OIM, and BIP etc.

By the end of this project the cloud computing has already started buzzing and suddenly the perspective toward ERP applications changed. The internet based products were changing the dynamics of ERP applications. Oracle fusion applications couldn’t remain untouched from this new technology wave. The change was expected and it happened forcefully ?. The Oracle fusion applications are now available on cloud. These same Oracle Fusion Apps and additional internet based products which Oracle has acquired (Eloqua, Right now, Taleo etc.) are now called as Oracle Cloud Applications.

From on premise to on cloud, there hasn’t been much change for a functional consultant from application configuration front. But few thigs got changed significantly e.g. in on premise there were frequent gentle reminders ? to tech team for patch application, asking SOA logs, bouncing servers. DBA needed to keep track of hardware installation, performance, backup etc.

But Oracle Cloud applications come preinstalled. Patch application- Oracle will do it, Upgrade activities – Oracle will do it, they will gather SOA log files, provide timeframe they will bounce the servers. So instead of dealing with your own technical team now you need to work with Oracle guys.

We are still learning and exploring cloud applications as within every 6-8 months next release is releasing. And again we are witnessing a change. Actually we all are familiar with this change, the mobile applications. Mobile phones are now capable of doing amazing things, and then there is no doubt that it can handle your ERP application as well. Need of time is the ERP application should work on mobile.

And yes, Oracle is making it happen. The applications which are available on cloud, Oracle is making them available on mobile. Wow, this is something cool means search and download the application from store, the way you do it normally for other regular applications. Currently not all end to end applications and functionalities are available but still many are modules from HRMS, Taleo, Sales are available. I am hoping all applications will run mobile very soon.

This is the journey till now, and I hope Oracle will surely add many stories to it in future. I will surely try to share it with you.

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Posted by Amol Pawar

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