My role involves consulting and helping companies undergo their IT transformation journey by leveraging DevOps and its benefits. I have a daughter who recently turned 3, and has discovered the joy of expression through words, translating into uninterrupted chatter. You may wonder at the context and connection between my little one and DevOps. It was during the year-end holidays, when I had multiple opportunities to closely observe her for hours at a stretch. This led to a renewed outlook on many of my DevOps fundamentals.

Let me explain some of the interactions…

“Let’s play, Papa”
This is something I hear whenever I sit for dinner. She keeps saying it till I keep my plate aside and play with her for a while. She gets so engrossed in playing that she does not notice that I have finished my dinner.

This reminded to be insistent till “the play” starts! Very relevant when it comes to driving home the transformation strategies until adoption happens. Once companies start “playing”, then there’s no stopping them! Once they start seeing the benefits of new tools/processes, they convert for good. Change Management lesson for me right there!

“Papa, we should share ice cream”
Few days ago, while out shopping, I treated myself to an ice cream, refusing to give the little one a bite. On this, she expressed – “Papa, we should share ice cream!”

I had a sudden realization on what Collaboration is all about! To share our tools, ideas, cheat-sheets etc. – Simply put it’s about sharing ice cream.

And to think that corporations spend so much time and effort to drive this home. Things that we are all actually taught in kindergarten!

“Mama, I got a star!”
One fine day, she comes home from playschool and starts running around the house – “Mama, I got a star”. She shows it to her mommy, the neighbours, friends and the guy on the street – in few hours, the whole neighbourhood knew that she got a star.

A simple way to imbibe the power of appreciation and learn to celebrate each small success.
We are so busy implementing Continuous Integration, that we forget the core basic – Continuous Celebration.

It brings clarity to the fact that so many more Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery projects would have been successful, had only we focused on getting Continuous Celebration right!

“One more time!”This one’s her favourite – whether she’s doing something she loves, or something she’s unable to do. “One more time”, and before you know it, she’s a champion at it. Be it crossing a puddle, jumping from a chair or climbing onto the sofa! Just “One more time”!

And that’s literally what it takes, right?
One-more-time effort to get the code right, one-more-time to get the testing right, one-more-time to get the release right. And that’s an Agile lesson too right there – smaller iterations leading to bigger success.

As I continue to watch and wonder in awe at this little innocent life blossoming in front of me with her new found expressions, I hope to inculcate these observations in my interactions with global customers. Basic principles when applied correctly, make all the difference.

I have my 3 year old to thank for teaching me these priceless nuggets and giving a different perspective to look at DevOps a new light.

Savinder Puri, DevOps evangelist at Zensar Technologies, Pune, India.

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Savinder Puri

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