Day 1:

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon, I was out for lunch with my dear friend. Since we wanted to spend quality time, we chose a fine-dine restaurant to enjoy the ambiance as well as great food.

As expected, the restaurant lived up to our expectations on hospitality, quality, service and ambiance. It certainly was a good choice. As a customer, it was great experience! Towards the end of the meal, one of the restaurant representatives approached us and greeted. With a smile on his face and iPad in his hand, he briefed us on a loyalty program, the benefits and few more add-ons. The recent effect of a great Customer Experience played its part on us and since it was just a single page form of around 8-10 fields, to be filled on an iPad, I took the chance of filling it up. Couple of minutes, I keyed in all the details and hit the button. And here it is… it was a wrong button – RESET!!! Disaster… The button did what it was meant for – cleared all the data I had entered. With a blank page, and a blank face, I looked at the restaurant representative; he too had an Oh-no! kind of expression.

That’s when I (once again) realised, that we keep interacting with so many systems online day-in-day-out, it is so much into our DNA that our reactions are faster than the reading/scanning speed! It was clearly intuitive for anyone to click on the RESET button as it was positioned exactly where it wasn’t supposed to be. In fact, on such a form, a RESET button doesn’t even deserve to be there.

I echo the thought: The Web would be a happier place if virtually all Reset buttons were removed. This button almost never helps users, but often hurts them.

On a loyalty program form, if only basic info like Name, Last Name and DOB etc. is expected, what is the purpose of a RESET button? Had it been some kind of settings or customization, having a RESET is still fine, but a RESET should have never been on this page in this context.

That very moment what suffered was a User Experience. In spite of delivering a great Customer Experience, the business wasn’t successful in delivering a great User Experience.


Day 2:

As far as India is considered, the game of Cricket drives us more than anything else. Moreover, if IPL match is scheduled in your own city, who wouldn’t want to be part of the Mexican Wave at the high-voltage stadium and witness the greatest sport show on earth?? With the same enthusiasm and excitement, I jumped on a leading ticket booking site.

Enticing-Interesting-Intuitive-Swift user interface made me feel part of the game already, within less than 5 minutes I completed my ticket booking and got a confirmation email and SMS too! The last step was about delivering the tickets at my home address and I got confirmation from the site, that within 4 business days I’ll have the tickets at my doorstep. Tickets were getting sold like hot cakes and I was very happy to book mine well ahead of time and with absolute ease. I just witnessed a great User Experience.

Here I am looking forward to the next 4 days.

A day prior to the match-day, I got a SMS conveying that the tickets could not be delivered as the address wasn’t found!

I picked up my phone and called up the ‘Customer Care’.

Me: Reading out the SMS and asking for justification

CCE: Apologising and explaining that “The delivery boy couldn’t find the address”

Me: Explaining common HELP mechanism of “Should have called me on my cell if he was having difficulties in locating the address, and I always get shipments delivered from abc and xyz and….do you think I stay at a remote location… ” blah blah blah…

CCE: Polite but confirmed on the same message “No, they don’t make calls. They just go and deliver”. And suggesting me to collect tickets from the match location as a way out.

Me: Repeating my frustration in multiple ways and words

CCE: Politely repeating that I will have to collect it on my own

On a peak summer day if this is how your day starts; I hope you have got an idea of what frustration level I was at. Moreover, I had paid for the service in advance. Calculations started in left and right brain about the money spent Vs efforts to spend to collect the tickets Vs office hours Vs emails to address Vs time at hand Vs anticipation of the match-day … and my mind is already at 40°C.

Fire catches up at high degrees, and what burnt here was my Customer Experience.

User Experience was bang on target and met the business objective as well as user goals.

Form both the events, it is interesting to see how UX and CX are correlated and have a symbiotic impact on each other. They need to be handled separately as well as collaboratively.. Seamless integration is required from Conception to Destination so as to bring in more smiles on the consumers and increase brand engagement. Coordination, flexibility and adaptability is no more optional.

In a nutshell, the key thing is to define Customer Experience correctly for your business, integrating touchpoints and technologies together to create the experience that is not only consistent but also learns to be better and better.

Happy Xperiencing!

Author: Kamlesh Gaikwad, Head of User Experience Practice, Zensar

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