A recent Zensar thought paper, ‘Transform your Business – Get Cloud Ready’ featuring Gartner research ‘Cloud services will establish the foundation for Next-gen solutions’ clearly highlights the underlying connect between a cloud service provider and an IT department of an enterprise when it comes to cloud implementation. Trends clearly indicate widespread interest in the concept of a cloud based model across diverse business mix. While, initially the SME sector embarked on this journey quickly, due to the cost benefits and ease of management; current trends depict an increasing number of mid and large sized enterprises wanting to go the cloud way.

So one needs to take a step back to ascertain exactly what it means for the industry as a whole-both the cloud service providers as well as the potential adopters of this disruptive technology. While the intrinsic value proposition of agility, flexibility, cost impact is mostly driving this increased interest, there are other aspects which may need to be examined a bit more at length.

Some of the key influencers determining the cloud adoption from the business perspective are as follows:

  • Diverse IT maturity and the inherent risk threshold level of each business is a key factor in enabling the model of cloud based service
  • Industry specific guidelines and regulations also play an integral part in the decision process
  • Ability to work across external and internal cloud models
  • In the case of a public cloud platform, the data security posture also matters

So, taking cognizance of the above factors, which forms the platform for enterprises to take a call, it becomes imperative that the way cloud service providers and the IT departments approach the cloud model itself.

The IT department needs to grow in relevance and address cross functional groups, rather than just focusing on meeting pure-play IT requirements. Cloud service providers need to address concerns over security, seamless integration and other similar challenges by taking them up and creating awareness about the relatively easier to accept and integrate hybrid cloud model. This cloud service model takes the best of the public and the private cloud architecture, giving it the mature IT posture that will help businesses make the move a successful and seamless one. While the transformation process, can prove to be a challenge, the key lies in working with a cloud service provider who can help you navigate smoothly. Get cloud ready with a best in class cloud service provider.

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