Never before has the decibel reached this dimension around enterprise wide cloud deployments and its obvious impact on business outcomes. A recent Gartner enterprise wide global survey tried to understand the varying patterns of enterprise cloud adoption. There were some interesting insights which will help businesses work towards a new approach in leveraging cloud.

Cost reduction, innovative technology and agility are the clear factors driving cloud adoption. In an effort to go digital, enterprises are stuck at various levels between concerns ranging from data security to availability and more. Insights clearly reveal the need for enterprises to embrace cloud from a technology of choice to a strategy driving business outcomes.

This is where inherent features integrated across Oracle Cloud offerings pose the clear differentiator. The following are some the clear Myth-busters revolving around cloud and we are here to break it:

1-Security a concern?
This is a valid concern keeping in mind the need to move mission-critical applications to the cloud. This is akin to a business protecting their internal systems, but there is a change in the way things are done. Today, the onus is increasingly lying on the provider to ensure security levels are top of the class with advanced encryption required to protect data at all levels. Peace of mind is utmost.

2-Do you worry about availability?
You need not worry. The key aspect businesses forget is that the way cloud performs depends entirely on how it is deployed. Working with a provider who understand the technology and has demonstrated expertise in the same should be the way to go.

3-Concerned about customization?
This should be the last of your concerns as total customization in the next generation cloud deployments is possible. It is easy to customize essential changes in keeping with existing business processes.

4-On demand is expensive?
Cloud models are one of the most flexible as businesses can scale up usage according to requirements, helping them maintain budgets and costs.

The above are few of the cloud myth busters. Watch out for Part II where we outline the remaining ones.
Going to cloud is now a choice, giving you speed and nimbleness.

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