We are living in a data driven environment caused by the now massive proliferation in the volume of data being churned out every second. The critical need of the hour lies in using this mountain of data to generate insights that can directly help the businesses to succeed. This serves as the key bottom-line drivers for BPO’s across the world, especially in the context of F&A BPM through the last decade.

As vendors one specific facet remains constant involving usage of multiple spreadsheets or tracking mechanisms leading to duplication of data and most importantly laggard usage of ERP systems. Now, as we ponder over obvious question of how one utilizes this voluminous data being accumulated every day? The answer will invariably be multifaceted.

A more interesting argument cited is around the availability of ‘relevant’ data pertaining to any business. Some questions that immediately come to mind are –

• Are the data points accurate and can be quantified to showcase value?
• Are they adequate?
• Is data gathering manual or ERP / solution driven?
• Is the ERP being utilized correctly to derive necessary Business Intelligence?
• How is the collected data analysed and aligned with departmental / organizational goals?
• Is the ERP being utilized enough to reduce human intervention?

Some would shrug their shoulders over a cup of coffee and say “It gets the job done”, But does that actually happen in Reality? The fact, is that availability of data alone does not create insights that maybe essential for your business process to run smoothly, while optimizing efficiencies. The pace at which business runs today requires every data point to be on the spot and thereby pinpoint the redundancies that need to be eliminated. The easiest way to achieve this is to be in sync with the customer goals and utilize the ready availability of information from ERP systems to drive optimizations and eliminate passive practices. More importantly, data gathering should be structured in a manner which nurtures continual filtration of repetitive data and thereby nourish continual improvement.

This is where our expertise comes in. Zensar’s team has demonstrated understanding of F&A processes and long standing relationships with Fortune 500 clientele from the Manufacturing industry. This has helped in creating a framework cohesive to delivering explicitly stated customer requirements that can be classified as Best-in-class standards.

Furthermore, we go a step ahead by concentrating on the value addition delivered i.e. “Business Transformation” by understanding the unstated requirements of cost savings and optimization. This approach has helped our clients in optimized rebates, curbing penalties on late payments, consolidation of vendors and transforming laggard manual audit practices to system driven and time bound procedures.

Our multi-pronged capabilities of service delivery for O2C and P2P engagements through multiple ERP and Platform based solutions have provided quantified business benefits to global corporations and cemented our place as a decision enabling Partner.

We truly understand that the customer today needs a business transformation partner and not just an IT vendor to help in bring out powerful insights from data that can be leveraged as a business growth engine. One needs a partner who can nurture the business as their own and be a True Strategic Partner and take pride in living up to our commitment of being Transformation Partners to Global Corporations.

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