In a recent interview with Computing, Mark Tango said, “Every IT person should be saving at least ten percent of their annual yearly salary.” One of the main reasons why this statement is not the case is because IT people waste large sums of money purchasing equipment; they failed to do the proper research, analysis, and search for a proper provider; and they did not consider how their company works as a whole. There are plenty of examples demonstrating this problem, such as the £100M digital media initiative failure by BBC.

One simple way to reduce spending is properly monitoring data being stored. Companies waste thousands of dollars, at least, yearly storing junk data. These funds go to hardware, software, personnel, connectivity, occupancy and disaster recovery. While working for BAE Systems, Mark Tango made it his priority to reduce the amount his company was annually spending on data storage. At the time, BAE Systems was consolidating its data into two data centers; however, the company was also consolidating all of the junk data.

After being appalled by the lack of a plan for purchasing more storage, Mark began to go through the storage and observe the data. He realized that the junk data had infested almost all of the devices so he could not remove them all himself. Mark contacted the file analysis firm that worked with BAE Systems, and together they were able to remove a large amount of junk data.

Mark built a new platform and three active scanning servers per data center which made data cleaning a lot easier. Through the use of an algorithmic Excel spreadsheet, managers were able to see how much they were spending per GB of storage. Even though Mark had begun this project without the help of upper management, once they found out about the project they were fully on board.

By engaging multiple servers at once, the team was able to search through several storage devices at the same time. Thanks to the efforts of Mark and his team, the company realized cost avoidance and savings of approximately $1.7M in 2014 and $3.2M the following year.

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Mark Tango, Associate Vice President of IM delivery at Zensar Technologies

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