DIGITAL Transformation – an initiative by your CUSTOMER

Digital Transformation – means different things to different people, but for an organization what matters is what it means to its customers. Kept on their toes by the new age customers, the millennials who are on a roll naturally adopting to these new-age tools and technologies, the organizations, without even realising it are ‘reacting to’, rather than driving, this Digital Transformation.

As the hype surrounding Digital Transformation is approaching its peak, most companies seem somewhat confused in this new world and adding to the confusion, are their own versions of what digital transformation is. If one wants to know what it means to his/her business the best place to learn from is the CUSTOMERS themselves!

As smart phones and devices become our additional limb and social platforms the world we live in, organizations are tripping over each other to initiate ‘mobification’ strategies, Social and Big Data platforms are the new hallmark of digital companies, and so on. But what does this mean to your Customer? Is a company’s mere presence on Facebook or twitter tantamount to Social Listening? Is mobification of every business process the true leverage of smart phone penetration? Are these just the shiny new toys on the corporate block or are these forces that can help craft new business models?

Organisations are perhaps missing the woods for the trees. And most have been looking at emerging tech trends like – Mobile, Social or Big Data in silos. SMAC, indeed can be a powerful weapon, but only if it is seen as an interwoven approach. The value of these technologies can be multifold if one understands the intersections and high level of interaction they share with each other. As consumers go wild in the social media space, it is important to acquire a keen understanding of what and how are they adopting it. Companies need to look at an integrated approach to SMAC to come up with the right solutions. Rather than merely registering their presence in social media, they should use analytics to understand and interpret consumer ‘activity’ in the social space. This could proactively serve to predict future trends and create innovative products and services that will capture increasingly-fickle consumer interest. The acuity to spot opportunities and respond to these at lightning speed with ingenious strategies and creative solutions is the need of the hour. Indeed, the organisation’s very survival depends on this.

There is little doubt that the next-generation organisation needs to be a socially engaged one. The Millennials pose a major challenge as do the new technologies. Social and Mobile are changing the way business is being done. The power of Big Data is getting bigger and more powerful and providing insights that were unthinkable a few years ago. The breadth and depth of Cloud applications are driving down cost. SMAC is impacting top and bottom-lines in a way that was hitherto unheard of. But with the challenges come new opportunities. By asking the right questions, corporates can come up with the right solutions. These questions range from the simplistic to complex. It may seem a simplistic example, but how many companies can claim to have interactive, informative and intelligent websites that keep their customer profiles, journeys and purpose in mind; Unfortunately, not too many!  How well are you using technology to know your customer and advance your ends? Contrary to popular belief, this is less about technology than about understanding these new customers and their ways of doing things. Millennials are savvier than organizations in adopting, adapting and making creative use of emerging technology. Hence, the more sensitive a company is to using these new tools to gain in-depth information about customer preferences and deliver individualized customer experience and improved employee productivity, the better its chances of gaining competitive advantage and reaping rich benefits from these exciting new age technologies..

Samip Mutha

Principle – Digital Experience: Zensar Technologies.

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Posted by Samip Mutha

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