Last night, my wife received a call from someone offering assistance with the migrating of Windows XP, given Microsoft’s upcoming End of Support (4/8/2014) for Windows XP. After she handed the phone to me, I asked the caller, a few questions. And quickly learned that the caller was not from a legitimate provider service since, he continued to ask for my credit card number before proceeding without providing any details on their “service”. After repeated questioning from me, the caller decided to end the call once he realized he was not going to obtain my credit card number or any of my other personal information. I am writing this to inform everyone to be aware of this type of call and to be on-guard.

Please let me know if anyone receives a similar call since it would be helpful to track this fraudulent attempt.

Patrick Zanella

AVP / Security, Compliance and Product Practice Head, Zensar Technologies

Twitter Id:-@patzanella

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Posted by Patrick Zanella

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