Every day the news reports are filled with numerous cyber-attacks launched by nefarious individuals and groups against unsuspecting targets. It seems that not a day goes by that doesn’t include such attacks along with victims who think they would not be targeted or thought they were prepared. The most recent to include was the reported vulnerabilities of iOS 7 just within a few hours of its release. Talk about fast!

Hi-tech isn’t the only target of hackers. Power grids, medical devices, automobiles, and many other wireless enabled items are also primed for attack. Additionally, every company, no matter their size, business focus, location, industry focus, or political make-up can be attacked. These attacks are not one-time events nor can these attacks be avoided. The best position to be in when it comes to protecting you and your environment is to be ever vigilant by having the ability to identify when an attack is happening, defending your assets, and having the ability to recover from all types of attacks.

This Wednesday, I will be attending the Cyber Security Summit in New York City at the Hilton on the Avenue of the Americas. At this conference, I expect to hear the great security minds of today discuss the topic of cyber security in a way that helps organizations better meet their objectives to provide their users with a secure and robust user experience all while keeping the bad guys out.

I will report back to you what I learned from this conference so stay tuned!

Patrick Zanella

Product Practice Head

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Posted by Patrick Zanella

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