I think Eisenhower said it best when it comes to plans and planning. I think this also holds true for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning. Without a proper process in place to support the organization in the event of some manmade or natural disaster, a company’s ability to maintain and continue business operations would almost surely be impacted.

In my experience, many companies have a BC/DR plan in place; however, fewer companies have a plan in place that get the attention they require in order to remain effective and relevant. All too often, plans and the procedures and policies that support the plan become outdated. New systems are not added to the plan. New locations are an afterthought and not part of the global plan and people’s contact information changes, all of which affect an organization’s ability to respond and support business functions in the event of a crisis situation. Another major area that is often lacking in a solid BC/DR plan is making sure that all critical processes and business functions are accounted for. This is critical to a plans success.

Good intentions are always there, but good intentions can only get you so far. So, although plans are nothing without good planning, a solid plan is the byproduct of excellent planning and execution. Companies need to invest time and resources in conducting a thorough Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment. After that, the pieces should fall into place.

Tim Trow is a Senior Security Consultant at Zensar.

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Posted by Tim Trow

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