Billions of dollars and countless person hours have been spent on securing everything from the data center to the “endpoint.” And now we hear about the new “endpoints” entering organizations due to Consumerization in the form of tablets, Smartphones, etc. While the consumer device needs to be accounted for what we need to realize is the real “endpoint” is the user. In the same way we have made our technology defenses smarter it is time to get diligent about making people smarter.

The Black Hats know the weakest point many organizations have is people. Their good and trusting nature makes them vulnerable, which is why spearfishing has figured so significantly into many of the breaches we have seen recently.

Making our users smarter, more diligent, and more secure is not a matter of just introducing policy and procedure. Organizations need to really embrace security awareness training as an ongoing process to drive understanding and behavior, not a one time event. And users want it because it benefits them in both their professional and personal activities.

Let’s continue to protect our technology assets from vulnerabilities, but let’s also enable our human endpoints to avoid being exploited as well.

Scott Kitlinski is Director of Global Professional Services at Zensar.

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Posted by Scott Kitlinski

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