Zensar is exhibiting at the AFCOM Data Center show and I wanted to update everyone on what we are seeing.
The show and the organization brings together a myriad of datacenter professionals, ranging from private, public (gov’t, education) and not for profits institutions, who come together both to share their experiences in educational sessions, network, and, for the vendors, market products.
While the event covers a wide range of topics, much of the focus is on what is referenced as the “facilities side” (physical/to include building infrastructure) of the datacenter with an emphasis on power, cooling, and related “environmentals”, managed with a different skills set than what we bring on the “IT side”.

Given this orientation, the global emphasis on “green” and datacenters being “costly energy hogs”, a key focus of the show is on being more energy efficient with cost effective solutions to manage power, CO2 emissions (also known as “carbon footprint”) and so on.
Notwithstanding, there is plenty of participation and discussion on operating the related IT infrastructure, and I attended sessions yesterday on a range of topics from managing human error in the data center to datacenter relocations to inventory management.  Among many things I learned, data centers are analogous to submarines, human error accounts for 70% of data center downtime, and the antidote is TRAINING the people who run them!
Many IT operators I’ve spoken with note the increasing value of bringing both facility and IT factions together and managing them within the same organization and within some businesses, by the same people (no small task)!
Increasingly, the facilities side of the business is something for us to be aware of and the synergies with our business that bring new opportunities.
On the exhibitor floor, Zensar is getting a lot of attention from companies interested in partnering, and potential customers who are looking for OEM alternatives to save money; the familiar topic of Oracle/Sun policy support changes was a discussion topic with more than a few visitors to our booth who were pleased to hear about our capabilities!
Looking forward to Day 2!

David is Product Champion for Data Center Solutions at Zensar

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Posted by David Eichorn

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