The Low Carbon Zensar movement is an attempt to catalyse grassroots action on the challenge of this generation’s Climate Change!
Each one of us who would need to act, and act now! Here’s your chance – a few steps to come clean and go green, some simple things that will help the efforts…

Do you still use those regular light bulbs? Time to switch to CFLs

While going to bed do you still leave your electronics on a stand-by mode? Remember to Switch them completely Off!

Traveling by cars and other vehicles? Time to think Public transport or better still are Bicycles!

Washing clothes at high temperatures – 90 degrees C is it? – Set the temperature at 30 degrees C you can also save your electricity bills that way.

Using plastic bags for shopping? – Do away with that and use recycled paper or cloth!

Simple right! So what are you waiting for? Celebrate World Environment Day by making small changes in your life and make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

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