Protect employee productivity with cost efficiency, security and scalability at the core

Apr 30, 2020

ZenCare: maintain business continuity and protect productivity with Zensar’s effective approach to Covid-19

As a response to COVID-19, businesses need to safeguard their workforce while servicing their customers and maintaining exceptional business experience. This involves enabling remote employee productivity without disrupting operations. Unfortunately, not all organizations are equipped to adapt to this sudden surge in remote workforce.

This is where Zensar empathizes with its valued customers. We have aggregated compassion driven offers from like-minded industry leaders to create the ZenCare Solution enabling instant and secure remote connectivity.

Join Zensar’s Animesh Pillai, Global Practice Head HCI & DC Transformation as he shares how Zensar is extending a helping hand to organizations through a fast, scalable and cost-efficient remote workplace solution.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Zensar can help reduce cost by providing unlimited virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) free for a 30 days period, along with augmented service desk support.
  • How Zensar can help develop a long-term strategic roadmap that enables up to 50% TCO reduction.
  • How Zensar has collaborated with multiple technology partners to create a comprehensive remote productivity solution that businesses can immediately adopt without compromising on security, performance and experience.


    Animesh Pillai, Global Practice Head HCI & DC Transformation, Zensar