Evolving from Covid-19 with Hybrid Cloud Strategies for Cost Optimization

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Evolving from Covid-19 with Hybrid Cloud Strategies for Cost Optimization

Cloud is no longer optional. Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic enterprises cannot afford to deliberate further on cloud adoption. There is an urgent need among digitally progressive businesses to adopt a hybrid enterprise cloud (HEC) strategy and evaluate every business decision from the lens of HEC for how to operate, grow and expand globally.

The right HEC strategy will help enterprises to achieve scalability, cost savings, end-to-end security, and disaster recovery capabilities. Additionally, it will enable enterprises to be more resilient to business uncertainties.

In this webinar replay experts from Avasant, Microsoft Azure and Zensar delved deeper into key hybrid enterprise cloud trends. It also featured a round table format case study discussion.

Attend this webinar to discover actionable insights including:

  • Best practices for enterprises to leverage hybrid cloud for agility, flexibility and scalability to ensure operational productivity and cost optimization
  • How the impact of Covid-19 has pre-empted faster adoption of Digital Foundation Services featuring agility and scalability
  • How Zensar’s Digital Infrastructure and Digital Operations help enable the enrichment of hybrid cloud while making infrastructure invisible
  • Why hybrid cloud anchors an enterprises’ cost takeout strategy and enables the workplace to shift at scale  
  • The measurable benefit of ZenCare (Zensar’s remote productivity solution) to ensure business continuity and cost efficiency throughout all timeline phases of Covid-19


Swapnil Bhatnagar, Research Director, Avasant
Revathipathi Namballa, VP & Global Head, Solution Design Center, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Zensar
Joseph Hommrich, Global Alliance Director, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Zensar
Shakeb Rais, Global Services & System Integrators Lead, Microsoft