Security at the Speed of DevOps With CloudGuard

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Check Point has found that 90% of SaaS breaches are caused by hacking and 50% of the breaches occur due to a takeover of employee SaaS accounts.


Join Zensar and Check Point for an informative webinar and discover why CloudGuard is the top choice among leading enterprises for safeguarding your cloud-enabled business within IaaS and SaaS environments.


CloudGuard delivers proactive security protection for cloud data, workloads, networks and all leading public and private cloud platforms and applications. CloudGuard SaaS is the only security solution to prevent attacks on enterprise SaaS applications and block cybercriminals from taking over employee SaaS accounts with a unique Identity Protection technology.


Check Point Cloud Security experts Yoni Lebowitsch and Chris Morris will share an overview of how attacks can be prevented using CloudGuard, and detail common deployment use cases and architectures, which protect their cloud and prevent these attacks.

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