Zensar Technologies showcases solutions, and approach to get ‘Return on Digital’ at Oracle Open World 2016

San Jose, North America, September 23, 2016:  Zensar Technologies, a leading digital solutions and technology services company, unveiled enterprise solutions built around the framework of ‘Return on Digital TM’ at this year’s Oracle Open World. The company presented its solutions at booth #721 at Moscone South from September 18-22, 2016, detailing benefits of these solutions built using Oracle.
“The solutions unveiled here are all designed to address common challenges faced by enterprises. The key focus is to showcase our expertise and capability in building solutions that bring out the best features of Oracle, coupled with our own innovation. We are confident that these solutions will help enterprises realize the ‘Return on Digital TM’,” commented Sandeep Kishore, CEO and MD, Zensar Technologies.
“Our Oracle led solutions being showcased at the Oracle Open World this year combine the inherent benefits of Oracle along with our experience in having helped leading enterprises embark on their digital transformation path,” said Harish Gala, Executive Vice President and Head, Enterprise Application Solutions.
Zensar unveiled the following solutions at OOW: 
1. Credit fraud detection and avoidance with IoT 
  • Fraud detection and avoidance business processes automation using Oracle SOA/BPM/CEP products
  • Dynamic evaluation of configurable business rules
  • Contacting the cardholder to request verification
  • Blocking card until transactions are verified by cardholder 
  • Investigating fraudulent activity by raising ticket in the CRM system automatically
Return on Digital through this solution
  • Visible reduction in fraudulent transactions to identify and block the card immediately
  • Significant savings on card replacement cost - blocking card until the transactions are verified by card holder
  • Increase in customer loyalty and with a positive impact on net new business
2. ZenIP-AP Invoice scanning Mobile App 
  • Capture the invoices through mobile/tablet and process it through Oracle Imaging, Forms and Recognition products
  • Dashboard to view invoice processing history and status
Return on Digital through this solution
  • Visible reduction in invoice processing time 
  • Reduction in effort and manpower required for overall invoice processing 
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
3. IntelliZen analytics (with Oracle BI Cloud)
  • It has predefined 120 Reports; 90 Tables mapping; 89 KPIs
  • 70% typical KPI and measures of functions
  • Significant savings in implementation
  • Enable insights-on-the-go with mobile BI
  • Go Live on Day 10
  • Make informed decisions @ information availability rate
Return on Digital through this solution
  • Low total cost of ownership-lower TCO across on-boarding as well as sustenance
  • Accelerated time to value-faster visibility to end output in a managed environment enhances core stakeholder buy in
  • Risk free-Largely immune from risk of deployment failure, availability and security
  • End user focus-Empowers business through consulting (for deployment prioritization, decision making) and training (for efficient, personalized insights)
4. Digital Factory with IoT
  • Real time temperature and vibration collections from connected devices
  • Real time tracking of physical location of asset based on geo position
  • Real time alerts to maintenance crew / supervisor (If one of the parameter falls outside of stipulated limit)
  • Real time maintenance service request (If both temp and vibration parameters falls outside stipulated Limits) 
  • Allocation of maintenance orders to appropriate crew
  • Maintenance orders alerts, approvals (if any), reporting leveraging the mobile app
Return on Digital through this solution
  • Increase asset utilization 
  • Reduce maintenance costs 
  • Extend equipment life and provide better returns on investments
  • Reduce equipment down time
5. ZenNavi-Store Ambience for Retail Customers
  • Directions to locate desired products - solution guides through the shortest path to reach the product
  • GPS Based customer location services to locate the customer
  • Innovative engine to digitize the store layout with navigation process to generate images dynamically
  • Caters to the need of multistoried building layouts - solution is designed to have floor wise map data
  • Future roadmap: Next version will provide Promotions and recommendations based on past history and purchase predictions to upsell/cross-sell
Return on Digital through this solution
  • Reduce the customer buy time 
  • Increase customer loyalty 
  • Increase the revenue 
6. Hybrid IT with Oracle Cloud
  • Integrates the on premise infrastructure and the Oracle Cloud in a unified way for user consumption
  • Streamlines and automates complex management tasks across the cloud lifecycle including cloning of DBs, self-provisioning, chargeback and capacity planning, policy based resource management and more
  • Monitors and Manages instances on Hybrid IT environment
Return on Digital through this solution
  • Superior administrator simplification results in faster time to market with less effort and cost
  • Integrated operations with automated provisioning 
7. ZenTune-Infra validator for Oracle SOA
  • System will automatically compare the SOA server configuration against the recommended configurations
  • Solution will also validate against the predefined KPIs and System parameters, and will provide compliance report, that will certify the performance of the production servers, helping minimize the downtimes
  • Enforces enterprise level deployment compliance
  • Recommendations ensure stable and scalable SOA platform
  • Tangible outcomes help in planning the future road map
Return on Digital through this solution
  • Validate the SOA platform in less than 10 minutes against best practices and standards
  • More than 150x reduction of time in identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Automated Fusion middleware environment analysis and report generation - reduces the effort to design future roadmap
  • Reduction in software license cost  with correct sizing guidance

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Zensar is a leading digital solutions and technology services company that specialises in partnering with global organisations across industries on their Digital Transformation journey. A technology partner of choice, backed by strong track-record of innovation; credible investment in Digital solutions; assertion of commitment to client’s success, Zensar ’s comprehensive range of digital and technology services and solutions enable its customers to achieve new thresholds of business performance. Zensar, with its experience in delivering excellence and superior client satisfaction through myriad technology solutions, is uniquely positioned to help them surpass challenges around running their existing business most efficiently, helping in their legacy transformation, and planning for business expansion and growth through innovative and digital ways.

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