Zensar Technologies sets up Digi-Lab, Science Lab and Library at Late Hambir Rao Moze Primary School Complex in Chandan Nagar, Pune

Pune, India, October 24, 2016: Zensar Technologies announced the opening of a Digi-Lab, Science Lab and Library at the Late Hambir Rao Moze Primary School Complex in Chandan Nagar, Pune, as part of its community development initiatives under ZenCSR. Zensar is the Corporate Partner for the five schools within this school complex, as per a formal partnership with Pune Municipal Corporation. This initiative falls within its School Transformation Program, wherein development interventions are undertaken in the schools close to the slum communities that Zensar works with. In partnership with Pune Municipal Corporation and the Education Board, Zensar has invested in space development and physical infrastructure for the Digi Lab, Science Lab and a Library in the school complex. 
“Developing future minds is of utmost importance and digital is the path to take. The facilities available in this school are planned to enable children from the communities to have access to state of the art learning tools. Children by nature, are curious and open to trying new things and each of these initiatives is planned to offer a pliable training platform to prepare them for a digital-led future and advanced learning,” said Sandeep Kishore, CEO and MD, Zensar Technologies.
“At Zensar, we are focused on enabling the city’s communities to be better empowered through our community development initiatives. Our ZenCSR team is committed to helping school children have world-class training methods and tools, along with an engaging atmosphere to study in,” said Syed Azfar Hussain, Senior Vice-President and Global HR Head, Zensar Technologies.
According to Shri. Kunal Kumar, Commissioner, PMC, “We are delighted to see the commitment of Zensar towards developing communities in Pune. It is the need of the hour for corporates to come ahead and undertake such holistic and replicable development programs towards grooming students for a bright future and in turn, the community they live in. I am confident that the children of this school will take away the benefits from the labs, and become ‘smart citizens’ of the future.”
Ruchi Mathur, Head, Zensar CSR commented, “Our key driver is the philosophy of transforming lives to create sustainable communities and our initiatives are focused on creating the ‘ripple effect’ beginning from one empowered individual. The School Transformation program has been taken up with the same objective, that is, to help build a community of future ready children who have access to digital and other learning resources within their campus. This is a replicable model that can be leveraged across schools in Pune/ other cities, and Zensar would be happy to support such an endeavour.”
Initiatives at the school include:
Digi lab is a fully equipped tech learning destination within the school premises. Children have access to 20 Google chrome books with magnetic running board to make it a simple experience. The Lab is air-conditioned, with care taken to have all electric connections done securely keeping the safety aspect in mind. The seating arrangement is flexible to support both, linear and cluster seating. Most importantly, the centre has the look and feel of a futuristic ‘Digi-Centre’. Children also have access to Augmented Reality tools to supplement their learning experience.
Science lab:
The Science Lab is designed to prepare children gain insights into the world of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All elements have been carefully selected with the upper primary Science kits taken from NCERT. The same is aligned to the school syllabus, making it a recognized course.
The library is designed with a lot of attention given to making it a place for children to relax, gain knowledge and also enjoy the experience. The décor is colourful, and the walls are made from shipping containers giving it an interesting twist to the concept of a library. The seating is child friendly, with the seats made from tyres and tables from small drums. This makes it an eclectic space for children to unwind too. Collection of books range across fiction and non-fiction. The same have been carefully selected and will be continuously spruced up. Games and puzzles are available for enhanced learning with 3 Google Chrome books for digital access.

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