Zensar Technologies launches Blockchain Enablement Framework

Towards Secure and Transparent Digital Transactions

Pune, India, May 18, 2017: Zensar Technologies, a leading provider of digital solutions, software and infrastructure services, announced the launch of its Blockchain Enablement Framework. Zensar’s Blockchain enablement framework is designed to address challenges in the context of financial transactions undertaken using digital platforms. It follows a unique business-led consulting approach, bringing Zensar’s expertise in having managed complex transactions for global financial companies to the fore. Enterprises can look forward to enhanced business benefit realization from the ever-increasing digital financial transactions. Additionally, Zensar’s framework incorporates efficiency as well as transparency enabling enterprises to benefit from the simplified approach.
Sandeep Kishore, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Zensar Technologies commented, “It is our endeavor to introduce solutions that offer clear Return on Digital™ benefits to global enterprises that are looking for success from their digital transformation initiatives. Our Blockchain framework aims to bring in the business-led consulting approach to a critical area for any financial or non-financial company looking to resolve real business problems. The team is well-versed working with this path-breaking technology led offering to bring about significant outcomes for our customers worldwide.”
Gartner Research says, ‘Blockchain is gaining traction because it holds the promise to transform industry operating models. It is also one example of an enabling technology of the platform revolution trend, one of the three trends along with transparently immersive experiences and perceptual smart machine age highlighted in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2016’. *
According to Prameela Kalive, EVP and Head, Applications Business Solutions, “Zensar’s Blockchain framework is built with our vast experience in having helped global companies benefit from secure, flexible and effective solutions. We are confident that our customers will derive value from our Blockchain IPs and solution accelerators for both, financial and non-financial applications.”
Key solution features: 
  • Zensar’s unique Feasibility Evaluation Engine utilizes business dimensions to identify feasible use case and anticipated returns. Zensar’s Blockchain experts identify business processes that will gain from this framework and also help in determining Blockchain implementation feasibility.
  • The solution is designed to be business and model-driven and to deliver Return on Digital™
  • Use of Design Thinking approach as an innovation process to arrive at feasible business process or use case through research and systemic reasoning
  • Zensar leverages IPs and solution accelerators like Trade Finance Payments, Funds Disbursement and Digital Mortgage
  • The API framework addresses scalable demands. It enables institutions to deploy their own custom Blockchain services
  • It is digital asset agnostic, supporting  accommodation of digitized currencies, tokens, securities and other digital assets across industries regardless of network type (Public/Private)
  • De-centralized, peer-validated, time-stamped ledger providing transparency of ownership, data integrity and security
  • Is platform agnostic, catering to multiple Blockchain platforms, supporting interoperability and collaboration
  • Ready to implement accelerators, ensure that companies can leverage the technology template to design their own implementation without much hassle
  • There is a dedicated COE with industry experts who have successfully worked on pilot case studies 
On implementing the Zensar Blockchain Framework, enterprises can achieve measurable returns on their digital investments as follows:
  • Offers simplified business models and processes by eliminating intermediaries
  • Creates an enhanced customer experience by real time processing and lower fees and charges
  • Lower operating costs, as there is a reduction in complex processes
*Source: Gartner, Smarter With Gartner, “3 Trends Appear in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2016”, http://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/3-trends-appear-in-the-gartner-hype-cycle-for-emerging-technologies-2016/

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