Zensar Technologies Celebrates the Fourth Anniversary of its Udaan Biodiversity Park

Pune, India, October 15, 2016: Zensar Technologies celebrated the fourth anniversary of its Udaan Biodiversity Park located in Vimannagar, Pune. This 2 acre park was launched in partnership with the Pune Municipal Corporation in 2012, with the objective of creating a green urban landscape for the community - one which is recreational, educational and experiential. 
The well-attended event saw the presence of dignitaries from city civic administration and other eminent citizens. In the last four years, the Park has consistently welcomed over 300 visitors per day, on an average, providing them with a beautiful verdant space replete with a sensory experience conveyed via a ‘Useful Plants and Braille Trail’ that encourages visitors to pluck the leaves in order to smell/ taste/ feel them, in the process enhancing awareness of biodiversity. The annual Biodiversity survey, undertaken each year, has shown a significant increase in the number of botanical families, flora and fauna that flourish here.
Commenting on the occasion, Sandeep Kishore, CEO and MD said, “We believe in creating sustainable and replicable models, whether it’s about business or the communities we operate in. The Udaan Biodiversity Park has, since its foundation, been a fine example of how a city like Pune can have beautiful green spaces that add to its biodiversity quotient. We are happy with the number of people whose lives have been touched and look forward to seeing more such initiatives as people take inspiration from this beautiful park.”
In the words of the dignitaries and special guests who graced this joyous occasion:
“When I inaugurated the Park four years ago, the objective was to protect the green cover of this city and provide a platform for citizens to be more involved in and educated about ecology protection. It gives me great pleasure to have seen the progress of this small, yet significant initiative. The park has become the hub for knowledge sharing, setting a clear example of how green spaces can be structured for maximum benefit,” commented Adv. MP. Smt. Vandana tai Chavan
According to Shri. Kunal Kumar, Commissioner, PMC, “It has been our endeavor to involve citizens in making the city of Pune a better place to live in. Udaan Biodiversity Park is a good example of how a park can be more than just a green lung for the city, with its informative sections, the sensory trail and the kind of citizen-centric events it hosts. We would like to see this model replicated in other areas to make such spaces accessible to all.”
“We are proud of the significant increase in biodiversity since we launched this beautiful park. The sheer number of people who have experienced joy from visiting the park is heartwarming. Our key objective at this point is to facilitate citizens’ commitment to green spaces, at home or in their neighbourhood. We will continue to add more elements to the rich flora and fauna found here and organize more learn-and-adopt sessions,” said Ruchi Mathur, Head, Zensar CSR.
The event also included a sensory and braille trail traversed by the dignitaries present. The maintenance staff who manage the park were felicitated for their dedicated efforts in maintaining the park. Benchmarked to international standards, the park is educative and experiential, addressing the senses of sight, smell, touch and taste. The park supports 165 plant species from 69 botanical families comprising 33 trees species, 56 shrubs, 59 herbaceous plants and 17 climbers. 10 of these plant species belong to the Rare, Endemic and Threatened category (RET). The park is rich in flora and fauna with 17 bird species, 15 butterfly species, 8 dragonfly species, 2 fish species, 10 other insect species, 1 reptile species and 1 amphibian species. Over 300 visitors visit the park each day, on an average - to walk, to learn about plants, experience them or simply engage in recreation. 
Guided by helpful signages, visitors are able to appreciate the therapeutic influence that plants have as the source of various household remedies. The Braille signage and the sensory aspects of smell, touch and taste help engage visually-challenged visitors. 

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