Zensar highlights Business Models of the Future in ‘Unleashing the Power of Blockchain’

Pune, India, December 19, 2017:  Zensar Technologies, a leading digital solutions and technology services company that specializes in partnering with global organizations across industries on their Digital transformation journey, announced the availability of a new whitepaper, ‘Unleashing the Power of Blockchain’. The paper features insights from Frost & Sullivan, focusing on the disruptive application of Blockchain led ecosystem that will help in creating business models of the future. 
The whitepaper incorporates insights from Zensar’s expertise with global enterprises in the digital space, outlining the step-wise process of a successful implementation of a robust Blockchain solution. The same can be downloaded from http://www.zensar.com/insights/analyst-insights/frost-sullivan-unleash-power-blockchain
Sandeep Kishore, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Zensar Technologies said, “Digital enterprises are the future economy and Blockchain is set to play a pivotal role in the creation of the same. Our Return on Digital® approach enables global enterprises to benefit from these emerging technology innovations.”
Prameela Kalive, Executive Vice-President and Head, Applications Business Solutions, Zensar Technologies commented, “The Blockchain framework has the potential to bring value and significant business outcomes across other industries, in addition to the financial sector. We see immense potential in the future of digitally empowered businesses; and our proprietary solution, ZenSmartBlox is designed to be an end-to-end framework across various use scenarios.”
Digital economy is a reality today and all kinds of digital property can be transferred or shared through a Blockchain framework. Everything from digital assets, such as unique media and digital identity, to financial products and contracts and even digital ownership of physical assets can be traded.
The whitepaper provides insights into how various industries can benefit from following a planned implementation of this emerging framework. 
What are the ways in which Blockchain can be implemented?
  • Platforms for decentralized digital currencies (cryptocurrency)
  • Databases with immutable data provenance
  • Development platforms for smart contract applications
  • Trust layers for peer-to-peer asset and data transactions over the internet
Key highlights from the whitepaper include:
  • In the short term, the financial services industry is where most developments are happening. This will extend into related industries such as real estate and legal services.
  • In the medium to long term, identity services, securities market and other record-keeping services will be transformed, with Blockchain-based systems bringing in secure and efficient systems. 
  • The impact will reach dozens of other industries. From media distribution and eCommerce to supply chains and central bank economics, Blockchain has the potential to create change in every industry—whether the impact is large or small.
The whitepaper outlines key steps towards increasing the scope of the framework as below:
  • Creating awareness and education: As is the case with any new framework, experts in this framework will need to spend time to educate various sectors on how and where the implementation can help resolve their unique business problems
  • Feasibility check: This step involves identifying the business aspects and parameters before implementing the solution
  • Build Proof-of-Concept: In this step, the customer can understand the business impact by leveraging Zensar’s Return on Digital®approach
For more details on ZenSmartBlox, please visit:
In summary, tapping into the Blockchain's potential has only just begun. As more and more organizations realize the power of Blockchain technology, innovative applications will multiply and solutions to current barriers (regarding scale and multiple protocols) will arise. Understanding its usage and implementation capabilities with current barriers as a yardstick to measure its impact is critical for the road ahead.

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