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Pune: RPG Group IT firm Zensar is working towards becoming a 100% digital enterprise, even as it works with customers to help them with their digital strategies. Sandeep Kishore, CEO, Zensar, told ET that with customers' businesses undergoing radical changes, they could not sell the idea of digital transformation to clients without implementing it internally as well.“Over the past 9-10 months, we've been massively investing to be a living digital company.
About 5% of our workforce ­ about 450 people ­ are aligned to developing digital solutions, half of whom are working on coming up with solutions we can use internally ,“ Kishore said.The company already has a set of 18 enterprise applications being used by employees as well as clients to connect on areas ranging from finance, project management and human resources, among others. Kishore said the company was also increasing focus on creating intellectual property and had filed for six patents in the past eight months.

“Early next year, we will be setting up Zensar Digital Lab on our campus in Pune, which would be more focused on forward-looking innovation rather than just coming up with solutions for current problems,“ he said, adding that the head of technology and innovation had already been hired for a 25 member team that would be a mix of current employees and people hired specifically for digital strategies.They will work solely on long-term research projects independent of the current work being done by the company . The company's new go-to-market strategy is called `Return on Digital™', and the company is investing in the frameworks needed to implement this. It recently launched `The Vinci', a service platform that helps track business and operational benefits in real time.

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