CIDCO ties up with Zensar Technologies for SAP solutions

Mumbai: Town planning agency CIDCO today said it has roped in Pune-based Zensar Technologies to implement SAP solutions in its administrative works.
“City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) has awarded a contract to Zensar Technologies to implement SAP in its administration,” the Maharashtra Government-run authority said in a statement here. CIDCO needs to reassess and fundamentally rethink the approaches of age-old processes to bring in more transparency, accountability, responsiveness, CIDCO Vice-Chairman and Managing Director Sanjay Bhatia said. “All departments must come together to take this huge step of tracking and forecasting the transactional time that is taken to serve the citizens,” he said. He further said automation will have to be implemented where required but at the same time it was necessary to make sure the processes to be driven more citizen-centric and not just department centric.

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