Empowering Beyond Summit: Washington, DC 2017

Jun 07, 2017

The W Hotel, Washington, DC

This half-day summit, co-sponsored by Avasant and Zensar, will focus on how the next generation of Smart Digital Services will drive new economic value and job growth in emerging economies.
Shaping the Future of the Digital Economy
Over the course of the last 40 years, technology has driven a fundamental economic shift. With the increasing pace of digital innovation, automation, and AI, many people question if these forces will bring about a decline in jobs and the demise of human society as we know it. On the contrary, Avasant predicts this ‘Digital Singularity’ will instigate the beginning of a new era, unleashing human creativity and delivering opportunities for all.  Through “Living Digital”, Zensar has taken a big step towards achieving this ‘Digital singularity’ by combining the above technologies and overlaying it with a human-centric, always-on interface.
This summit will address some important questions such as:
How can private-public collaboration realize digital technology’s potential to benefit humankind?
How can Digital enabled business models propel societies forward and help governments address social inequality and economic development?
How can global workforce align and upskill to meet the demands of the Digital economy?
How should organizations, developmental institutions, and governments harness Digital innovation to drive new economic value and sustainable development?