ZBOT for Retail: Almost all the bots that are available for the retail industry are purely navigational bots. ZBOT for Retail takes automating customer service to a new level. ZBOT helps retailers Communicate rather than just navigate their customers while providing personalized relevant recommendations and critical search insights for retailers which can help increase basket size and drastically reduce cart abandonment and to help increase store sales by 4.2%  and deliver almost 22% of ROI in the first year.
Some of the basic functionalities that come prebuilt with ZBOT are:
  • Instore Product Locator: No more shoppers missing out on products present in store
  • Stock Check: Checking stock of product before buying
  • Recommendations: Cross sell and up sell products for out of stock items
  • Shopping Registry: Create your shopping list and get their location
  • Wi-Fi Data integration: Integration with Wi-Fi for indoor navigation to location
  • Price Check: Let users know the price of the product before buying
  • Multi Platform: Integrated to work on different messaging platforms like Facebook, WeChat, Kik etc
  • Search Analytics: Analyze search history for customer insights 
  • Push Notifications: Personalized offers based on user search history

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