Zensar Return on Digital® Business
Solutions Platform

Empowering enterprises to maximize the Return on Digital®

A complete suite of mobile and cloud first solutions

Basis various stakeholders, as the users of our digital solutions, we have categorized them under 4 major tenets:

Engaging Digital– Employee engagement solutions to enhance your employee innovation, efficiency and engagement

Operating Digital – Operating and productivity solutions to improve your core business processes

Managing Digital – Reporting and dashboarding solutions for the leadership to assist in informed decision making

Partnering Digital – Customer engagement solutions that help improve customer outreach, engagement and satisfaction

Key Performance Indicators

Sales acceleration

We provide business solutions to increase efficiency in the sales process, while bringing transparency and thereby accelerating sales.

Operational Efficiency

By providing solutions across different functions such as Sales, HR, Admin and Finance, Return on Digital® helps increase productivity by digitizing business processes therby enhancing overall operational efficiency across the organization.

Net Promoter Score

By providing the right-fit digitization solutions for each stakeholder within and outside the organization, we enable you to achieve better customer satisfaction from internal and external customers, thereby achieving better recommendations to further prospects.

Employee Engagement

Our suite of business solutions provides multiple solutions to engage with employees of the organization. With a crowdsourcing platform, a training platform and a communications platform with leadership connect, employees are engaged in multiple productive conversations, thereby enhancing employee engagement and productivity.

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