Enterprise Analytics

Discover stories hidden in your data

Realize and accelerate your Data ROI

Descriptive analytics dig out patterns hidden in your business and identify root causes. Prescriptive analytics apply solutions to data-driven actions. We help companies anticipate business opportunities, target marketing campaigns and reduce customer churn. Our enterprise analytics engine is designed to handle massive amounts of data in many formats originating from a wide variety of sources and delivers faster time to insights to give you the edge you need in today’s world.

Key Performance Indicators

45% increase in ROI with AI and Machine Learning

The velocity, variability and volume of data makes it near impossible for data mining and generating insights. Advanced tools help make data mining business friendly and thus improves the data ROI by up to 45%.

Increase data ROI up to 60%

Eliminate time and effort to synthesize multiple sets of data from multiple places. Stop wrestling with low quality integrated data and poor data performance. Our enterprise analytics platform fast-tracks data management and integration, lending an efficiency gain of up to 60%.

Up to 70% in data ROI with pre-built Business Insights

Businesses deal with challenges of an incubation period of up to 8 months to eke out first actionable and real-time business insights. Our ready to go, plug-and-play business apps help reduce this time period and increase data ROI by up to 70%.

5+ diagnostic accelerators and tools

Cutting edge analytics are as good as their underlying data. Analytics based on poor data can have serious enterprise ramifications. Our analytics diagnostic approach utilizes tools and accelerators yielding significant data ROI benefits.

Tech expertise and execution agility drives data ROI by up to 40%

Lack of visibility and associated costs of course corrections can drive up business spending. We apply a blended solution of technical and project management utilities across both traditional and advanced analytics increasing the data ROI by up to 40%.

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