Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain

Seamless Omni-channel Customer Experience

Implementing a digital supply chain is critical to meeting consumer expectations of a fast and seamless customer experience across mobile, web and instore. Zensar enhances the customer journey by identifying supply chain challenges and uniquely optimizing retailer’s delivery, fulfilment and inventory capabilities, resulting in a lean, agile supply chain. Digital maturity assessments analyse the overall strength of a supply chain network, identify friction points within omni-channel order capture and evaluate peak readiness, delivering an ROI driven set of recommendations to help drive business forward.

Key Performance Indicators

Increased Customer Acquisition and Retention

Consumers today have the expectation of purchasing any item, anywhere at any time. To remain competitive retailers must deliver seamless omni-channel experiences through personalized, consistent and engaging interactions. Continuous optimization of the digital supply chain is critical to increasing customer acquisitions and brand loyalty.

Optimized Inventory Supply Chain

Provide real-time enterprise-wide inventory visibility to support advanced omni-channel scenarios for planning, procurement and fulfilment by creating a single view of the customer across the organization. A single source of truth aligns stakeholders to drive business initiatives to improve brand satisfaction. Implementing process driven solution focused on standardization and automation will also optimize supply chain costs.

Enhanced Delivery and Fulfilment Experience

An agile digital supply chain can help improve an enterprise’s overall delivery and fulfilment experience. Flexible shipping and delivery options, along with an engaging brand interaction, increases customer satisfaction and positively impacts shopping patterns.

Improved Demand Forecasting and Planning

Zensar’s proprietary analytics tool, Zen Analytica, helps arm retailers with the critical customer data needed to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience. From promotional forecasting to average order to cash to logistics performance - IntelliZen will create a single view across the digital supply chain and deliver actionable insights.

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